New X2 Transceiver & XENPAK Transceiver from Cablexa Ltd Going to Revolutionize Data Communication Industry

Cablexa Ltd brings a variety of Transceivers that can be used to enhance the network connectivity to help facilitate data communication with more reliability.

With high quality transceivers and cabling solutions, Cablexa Ltd is going to revolutionize the data communication industry. They have transceiver modules with different specifications that ensure high performance, enabling to set up a data communication network and also expand it when needed.

The company has different X2 Transceiver modules in their stock that can be used for expanding an existing network. The transceiver can function over a transmission distance of 300m, and comes with a hot pluggable 70-pin connector with XAUI electrical interface. The product is RoHS compliant and Laser Class 1 compliant to ensure the quality, durability and performance.  With the help of the MDIO 2-wire interface, the management and control of the module are a lot easier and simpler. The module consumes less power and is suitable for IEEE 802.3ae and 10GBASE-SR applications.


According to the company spokesperson, their XENPAK Transceiver is compatible with all major brands and hence suitable for various applications. This hot pluggable module is 100% tested and offers an improved functionality and performance. It can transmit a maximum 10Gbps data from a significant distance of 300m. This is the reason why this transceiver can be used for expanding a network with a reliable connectivity feature. The XENPAK form factor of the transceiver makes it more powerful to exchange data at a greater speed. The spokesperson reveals that one can measure the network performance with the help of the digital diagnostics and can be assured of the reliability of the transceiver.

For an efficient data communication, the company’s SFP Transceiver is also a reliable module. With a pick data transfer rate of 155Mbps, it is an affordable and dependable method to expand the network. More importantly, it can execute data transfer to a distance of up to 2km, and it offers a huge range for influencing the data communication industry. Compatible with the MSA SFP Specification, the transceiver can ensure a fast data transfer in the Ethernet networks.

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Cablexa Ltd, a preferred manufacturer of high quality cables and connectivity products, offers a wide range of solutions and unrivaled customer service for the electronics and data communications industries. The company’s product portfolio includes cable assemblies, connectors, adapters, computer networking components, and custom products, as well as optical fiber communication equipments which include Ethernet switches, optical transceivers, fiber optic patch cord, WDM system, optical protection system, optical bypass system etc.

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