Poet Emmanuel Bandoh Shares a Series of Books to the delight of his Audience

Two poetry books and one non-fiction book, from a regular author to a poet, and that changes everything, so to speak.

The award winning poet, Emmanuel Bandoh, shares his two poetry books titled “POEMS FROM LIFE”, volumes 1 & 2, and one non-fiction book titled “JOE, THE BLACK ULYSES”, shifting delightfully from one genre to another.

Sir Walter Scott’s poem, “BREATHES THERE THE MAN WITH SOUL SO DEAD…” inspired him to become a writer of poetry. He learned it when he was just a young boy.

His mother also read him bedtime stories, and she wanted him to be a locomotive engineer, but poetry took the best part of him instead. He has written so many poems over the years and he has received several awards and trophies. He displays these trophies in his small apartment in Mount Vernon, NY. Sometimes, he wonders why his name hasn’t appeared yet in the Guinness book of records for the numerous poems that he has written.

That brings him to tell a story of himself, imposing as a fish and say that every poet is like a fish laying eggs in the hundreds, if not in the thousands, in its lifetime.

The reason being that like a fish, wherever a poet goes, visits or travels, there are a myriad of subjects to write about. In other words, he would want to write about all these different, numerous things, so that the people that would read his poems would have different choices.

Life itself is just like that. You meet with all kinds of people; but you tend to have your personal preferences. We all have the right to choose freely, as nature has embedded that right in our psyche.

The fish lays hundreds, if not thousands, of eggs. Some develop into “adult” fish,and become food (fodder) for common people but others escalate to become CAVIAR, served at the tables of the Rich and the powerful, showing the preferences that it has, including its ambition to be classy and opulent.

So, if anyone envied the fish, he or she mustn’t blame it (fish), for the fact that it (fish) has preferences, which gave it the right and the freedom to choose to reach its core potential in its (fish’s) life; that it has to be a “top notch” and be recognized by society at large.

Hundreds or thousands of eggs are laid by a fish to be food for a mass of people; however, the same fish lays the eggs that become superior (CAVIAR). Postulating that one must separate oneself from the group (in this case, of eggs) to be outstanding and be recognized in society.

Even a fish knows what life is all about; meaning that status happens to be very important in demographics, which refers to a whole population of people, than anything else in the world just also as in a fish world.

He has another poetry book in the works. Surely, his book readers and buyers are excited to read more of his poems about life, elements of freedom and catchy words that tickle their hearts. From his point of view, he (the fish) has produced a series of poems, numbering about one thousand, if not more, and it would become incumbent upon his readers to sort them out and enjoy the CAVIAR type, making them to feel as “the Rich and the famous” in their individual lives, as they read them.

To order his “Poems from Life” volumes 1 & 2, visit www.bandohdeacommunications.com

“Joe, the Black Ulysses” is on or at Amazon.com and other resellers

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