Neil Billock With the Puerto Rican Spark Taking VDMG And U.S. Small Businesses Forward

DORADO, PUERTO RICO – 25 Apr, 2017 – American Entrepreneur Neil Billock is taking a big step forward with his business expansion in Puerto Rico. This big step forward with his marketing endeavours in Puerto Rico.

He and his wife Nicole lived in the San Diego, California region before making the big move to Puerto Rico. The two loved the country and found much success. There is no doubt that Billock was quite happy leading VDMG or Vertical Direct Marketing Group. Those that follow the marketing industry know Billock’s name and know that he led VDMG many years before taking on an advisory and consulting role to ensure it’s continued success. 

Billock’s intention was to always put customers first and build a personal relationship with them. This idea was ingrained in him, and he was able to translate it into some of the new turns the marketing world took.

The internet has changed many businesses and the way things are done, and it has done similar things to this industry. Billock successfully navigated these changes while staying dedicated to customers, which could be attributed to his success.

The change the internet ushered in also made Billock think beyond the cookie-cutter way of living, which led him to take a backseat at VDMG. He noticed that he could do his consultations online through some of the various ways people communicate online. 

For example, emails proved to be a very effective way to explore ideas or present projects. Cloud services gave people like Billock an opportunity to share the progress of a project with clients online without meeting face-to-face. Of course, the cell phone communication and video-to-video chats are also effective ways to stay connected.

Billock decided that this kind of freedom gave him the opportunity to spread his wings. It was a thought that he shared with his wife, and they decided that it was time to shed themselves from the pressures of living in a populated land. This is when they began to pay attention to Puerto Rico. It was not long before they decided that this little island would give the couple the tranquillity they were hoping for.

There are many parts of Puerto Rico that still feel like a small town, and the property value is quite affordable. The couple decided to take off and relocate to Puerto Rico. He was still going to be able to consult with VDMG clients online. This does not mean that Billock will not meet with someone in person if the project deems it necessary because a flight from Puerto Rico is usually affordable.

The little island territory is still part of the United States, but it is often overlooked. This is something that Billock hopes to change. He thinks that Puerto Rico is ripe for American businesses. Small businesses will not have to worry about heavy competition on the island as much as they might have to on the mainland.

Yes, it is true that most of the island speaks Spanish, but he and VDMG have been involved in marketing to people that speak a language other than English, so he feels confident that this campaign can be effective.

There is no telling how far a man like Billock will go with this new endeavour. He will be taking VDMG and many small US businesses along for the journey.

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