Greek Life Expert Mike Ayalon Helps Colleges Resolve Major Issues On Campus

Greek fraternity and sorority expert Mike Avalon works with universities across the country to change the culture in their Greek system.
Expert in sororities and fraternities, Mike Ayalon has been on a speaking tour across North America to help universities and their Greek communities resolve major issues by changing their culture.

Franklin, TN – The reputation of sororities and fraternities has taken a hit in recent years due to events, both real and perceived.  Greek life expert Mike Ayalon is one of many dedicated speakers and Greek proponents who believe that these organizations serve a unique purpose that deserves preservation.  Each year, Mike travels the country and speaks to members of Greek organizations about issues that have affected the standing and reputation of chapters all over the nation. As a successful motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author, Mike has headlined over 350 presentations across 125 college campuses discussing issues like sexual assault and alcohol abuse that have affected so many campuses in recent years.

“I have a very strong professional background that involves building companies from the ground up,” says Mike. “Fraternities and sororities have always been a major contributor to the lives of highly successful people. There are issues on college campuses that need to be resolved, and we can use their leadership to do that. What we need to do is fix what is broken, and those issues are both real and perceived. In my talks, I address both.”  

With April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Mike has been busy on campuses across the nation addressing how to prevent sexual assault. He believes that each fraternity and sorority must establish rules and guidelines to create a consent culture, and then be trained in bystander intervention to avoid problems before they start. As a TIPS-certified trainer, and the former Executive Director of Sigma Pi Fraternity, Mike has a deep understanding of the current situation on campuses and corporations as well as a structured plan on how to empower our youth to stop being a part of the problem and become an active part of the solution.

“Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’,” says Mike. “That’s my approach. Let’s not wait for the crisis to happen. Instead let’s get busy creating an environment where it won’t happen. Students must be active in resolving these issues before they get out of hand. My speeches are about teaching them the best ways to create a positive culture within their college community.”

His company, Greek University, is an educational platform that has inspired countless institutions across North America in identifying, understanding and resolving current social issues.  Mike has shed light on pressing problems within college environments. He has created presentations on: Sexual Assault Prevention, Hazing Prevention and Campus Safety, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Strategies for Managerial Excellence, and Diversity in Student Organizations.  

Greek University is an official resource for schools and campuses to find the materials, experts, and coaching they need to create safe environments for all.

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