RevSci Incufridge Pro Chilling Incubator Makes Technological Contribution to Anti Aging Young Blood Research

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 25 Apr, 2017 – The New Incufridge Pro Is Now Equipped With the Ability to Incubate Young or Old Blood for Heterochronic Blood Exchange and Young Donor Plasma Transfusion Research.

In recent years multiple advancements have been made in researching the benefits of young blood exchange and transfusion. When such an application was tested in mice, results were effective and immediate. Old mice that received young blood exhibited dramatic improvements.  Storage for blood can be difficult, since neither warming incubators or refrigerators maintain the needed 22 degrees C required for storage conditions. The Incufridge Pro, a chilling incubator manufactured by Revolutionary Science will maintain controlled ambient temperatures like 22C (ideal for storing blood) and then raise the incubation temperature to 37C prior to transfusion.  The device can log temperature data and even submit it over WiFi.

Heterochronic blood exchange in mice have shown strong evidence that age related health problems can be mitigated through donor plasma transfusion. Muscle regeneration, hippocampel neurogenesis and Ki67+/Hoechst+ cell counts all showed improvement.  Even human clinical studies are underway to use this technology to defeat cancer and age related maladies.

The research is ongoing and there is much left to learn. The Revolutionary Science Incufridge Pro, where the temperature can be maintained anywhere from 1 degree Celsius to 75 degrees Celsius is ideal for this ground breaking work. A keyed lock prevents tampering and bolsters security. An insulated access hole in the back enables the user to plug in a rocker table to prevent the blood from coagulating. WiFi data logging and programmable date and time can alert the user if the blood is getting too old and therefore increases the chances of carcinogenic mutation.

About Revolutionary Science:

In 1999, Revolutionary Science was founded after the birth of the company’s first micro centrifuge. Years later, Revolutionary Science has become a leader in the design and manufacturing of chilling incubators, centrifuges, autoclaves, automated cell and colony counters and laboratory water baths.

Registered with the FDA and ISO, Revolutionary Science is a Minnesotan company dedicated to the manufacturing of precision life science, sterilization, and biotechnology equipment in the USA.

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