Nectar Sunglasses Team Up with the Bee Cause to Help Repopulate Honeybee Hives

Quality eyewear maker, Nectar Sunglasses is partnering with The Bee Cause to help repopulate honeybee hives. This stems from the concern in recent years about the rapid decrease in honeybee population in the United States and the rest of the world. In response, Nectar is donating a portion of each sunglasses order to The Bee Cause.

The main aim of the partnership is to build 1,000 observational bee hives in schools around the world. Each new hive will house 10,000 bees and will help educate children on the importance of bees The hives will also allow them to safely investigate thriving bee communities. So far, the partnership has succeeded in repopulating over 430,000 bees.

As part of the campaign, Nectar Sunglasses have set up an ‘initiative’ page within their site, which contains an eye-catching infographic. The infographic specifically highlights the rapid decrease in the number of bee hives living in the United States. In 2015, there were only 2 million hives present in the US, compared to 4 million in 1975.

In addition, the infographic put together by Nectar Sunglasses contains an assortment of fascinating facts on the importance and effects of pollination by bees. These include the value of bee pollination to the U.S. economy, the fact that one-third of the world’s food supply are reliant on bees for pollination, and that 75% of flowering plant species need a pollinator to reproduce. The campaign page also underlines the causes of honeybee decline.

What makes Nectar Sunglasses unique from the competition is that they make quality eyewear for less than $50. Founded by two friends in 2012, the company prides itself in breaking all the rules and offer products, which come in unique color combinations and styles made for risk takers, freethinkers, and those who want to experience true freedom.

Moreover, all sunglasses sold through Nectar’s site are made from durable polycarbonate material to make them sturdy and resist impact from any extreme activity. The products also feature Euphoric HD polarized lenses, which not only filters out harmful rays but also prevents the glare, which bounces off water and snow from hitting the eyes.

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