Oil Tank Sweep NJ Services Are Booming for Qualified Tank Services

Qualified Tank Services, a leading specialist in the oil tank removal market in New Jersey, has announced that their oil tank sweep service has seen an increase in demand.

The detection of under ground oil tanks is of paramount importance, especially for prospective homeowners interested in buying a house in the state of New Jersey. Once the house is purchased, the homeowners are also responsible for what is under the ground. There have been cases of homeowners who had to pay for a clean-up of a leaking oil tank that they were not aware existed in their property. Depending on the specific requirements of the clean-up job, the bill can go over $100K.

The oil tank sweep NJ service provided by Qualified Tank Services is a way to identify underground metal oil tanks. Contrary to popular belief, these wear down with time, and a tank leak can ruin a property if left unchecked. Furthermore, there is also the potential that an oil leak could reach deep into local groundwater, poison nearby streams, and obliterate natural habitats.

Typically, a tank search can be done within 24 to 48 hours. There’s a specific protocol that’s followed by the company’s technicians. They do a visual inspection inside the house looking for copper lines, trenches in the flooring, or any holes in the foundation walls. The next step is to sweep the exterior of the house with a metal detector. Generally, oil tanks are found closest to where the furnace is located. If the technician gets consistent readings with the metal detector, he will use a hand metal probe. If the probe results are consistent with an underground tank, the company recommends an exploratory dig. Once the tank is found, Qualified Tank Services will remove it and clean the area if needed.

The company also provides other oil tank services such as soil testing, soil remediation and tank removal NJ. Indeed, Qualified Tank Services offers a full range of services relating to oil tanks and oil tanks leaks, being a market leader in their specific niche and competing with remediation companies in New Jersey.

Qualified Tank Services is an oil tank removal specialist that serves the New Jersey area. Its technicians have several years of experience in the environmental industry, providing speedy and reliable oil tank services.

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