Praxey: a new way to monetize a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast

Creators use Praxey to earn extra income and build stronger ties with their fans and followers

Full time bloggers, Youtube creators, and Podcasters grapple with two fundamental questions: 1. How do I increase the quantity and quality of my audience? and 2. How do I monetize that audience?

To help content creators better address both questions, Praxey, Inc. recently launched its flagship “Praxey” app. Praxey is a video/audio calling app available for free on the Apple App and Google Play Stores. The app can be installed on any smartphone, or tablet, or Praxey can be used directly on a computer’s internet browser. The app enables a person to pay to call anyone on the Praxey network. When a person makes a call, they have already agreed to pay the amount (per minute or per call) requested by the person they are calling. The receiver of the call, in turn, earns money simply by answering, and talking.

Praxey is an excellent tool for YouTubers, podcasters, and bloggers, and other content creators because it helps them make extra money and better connect with their fans/readers. Creators set up an account, set their rate, and then use their platform to request that their readers/listeners/viewers call them. Many creators enjoy taking Praxey calls, because it lets them talk to those fans of theirs who appreciate them enough to pay them for their time. The callers, in turn, enjoy patronizing and talking to the creator.  Often the calls stimulate ideas for new content, and serve as a vital channel for feedback from the creator’s “base.”

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“If a person, blog, Youtube channel, or podcast is looking to raise money or fund their operations, Praxey may be their best option. Other crowd funding solutions such as Patreon, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo, are relatively anonymous. With those platforms, the contributor rarely speaks directly to the person/organization asking for money. With Praxey, they do. People like the rapport that comes from a live audio/video call. It gives contributors a chance to tell the content creator in person how much they enjoy their work or why they are making the contribution. Some are willing to contribute more with Praxey than they would have on other platforms. Our app offers a unique opportunity for both creators and consumers of content to connect with each other in a way that was not possible before this app,” said Stephen Rose, Founder of Praxey, Inc.

How Praxey works

Praxey is a game changing application that will transform the way people connect with each other. Praxey allows anyone to pay someone else for a one on one, person to person, video and/or audio only call. To make a call, a person first creates an account, and enters their credit or debit card. Then when they find a person to whom they would like to speak, they review the person’s rate, and initiate a call. If the receiver is available, they answer, and the call commences. When the call is completed, the caller’s card is charged, and the receiver’s account is credited.  

Praxey explanation video:

Praxey is a industry agnostic platform, and can be used for many different applications, including remote consultations with technical experts, consultants, foreign language conversation, and others. The Praxey app is free to download and install.

Monetization application for blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts

There are many ways a content creator could use Praxey. Each must consider how best to integrate it into their particular work. For example, a Youtuber could end an episode with a request for Praxey calls.: “Give me a call on Praxey and let me know what you think! You’ll be helping support the show, and talk to (me) or (my producer).”

A travel blogger could encourage readers to contact them for individual questions about the subject of a blog post. “If you have any questions about my trip to Bali, about the hotel, about the beach, anything I didn’t mention, call me on Praxey. You’ll get a chance to talk to me and you’ll help me fund my operation.”

Podcasters can also encourage listeners to call them for feedback, suggestions, or any other ideas. “Call me on Praxey for any questions you may have related to this topic, or this interview!”

Youtubers with channels focusing on fashion/makeup/beauty/love life (or others) can offer one on one consultations on Praxey. The calls don’t need to be answered by the actual star; the show’s producer, a friend or an assistant could just as easily field the calls.

About Praxey

Praxey is an application that allows people to pay to talk to other people, in various fields. It is a simple and easy way to solve problems, or make extra income. The app is available for free to download from the Apple and Google Store.

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