MaXi-Race China Baili Rhododendra come to a successful conclusion

MaXi-Race China Baili Rhododendra successfully concluded in the breathtaking landscapes of Baili Rhododendra, Bijie, Guizhou Provincein on 16th April 2017. The competition is hosted by Sport Administration of Guizhou Province, Bijie Municipal People’s Government and ITRA (International Trail Running Association).

It is Operated by Guizhou Baili Rhododendra Administrative Committee,Bijie Culture, Sports, Radio & Television Press and Publication Bureau, Bijie Tourism Development Committee, MaXi-Race Event’s.

The race is co-organized by Baili Rhododendra Culture, Sports, Radio and Television Bureau and Baili Rhododendra Tourism Administration.

The number of participants in the tournament continued to hit a new high, with nearly 1,600 players from France, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, China, and so on. Among them, the participants of 60KM were 212 and 30KM were 489 people, 10KM group number of entries were 826 people, which is the largest number of cross-country running in the southwest areas.

This competition continues the high specification, high experience characteristics of the MaXi-Race China. MaXi-Race Baili Rhododendra is organized and operated by Sino-French team. In regards of timing system, Live Trail, the official timing system of UTMB, will be applied again. And it had been certified by ITRA at the birth of the game. In addition, the first pre-race training camp is also well worth being experienced which was conducted by Cyril COINTRE, technical director of MaXi-Race Annecy. MaXi-Race China Baili Rhododendra is a great get-together for top-class runners all over the world. Attracting CCTV, Guizhou TV, Xinhua news agency, more than 30 media attention in the scene, and living broadcast on Douyu, NETEASE, QIY, Huajiao and other nearly twenty platform, MaXi-Race Baili Rhododendra was witnessed by thousands of people.

All the players had been waiting at the starting point at seven o’clock one hour before the game. Although it was still very cold, but accompanied by melodious cheerful music, you could see everyone’s face with vision, they were already ready.

At half past seven,the ceremony of MaXi-Race China Baili Rhododendra officially began. You Xinjian, Baili Rhododendra Management District Party Committee Deputy Secretary, director of the CMC, made a welcoming speech. Wang Guangyou, Bijie Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor, delivered the opening speech.

At eight in the morning, Song Guangqiang, deputy director of the Sport Administration of Guizhou Province, announced the opening of MaXi-Race China Baili Rhododendra. In a burst of cheers, all players ran out of the starting line.

As the first station of MaXi-Race Special,the game is in the reduction of authentic French events at the same time, but also fully tap the the special resources of event held place.Located in the scenic spot of Baili Rhododendra, the course is via Chinese largest and most varieties of protogenic rhododendra forest.The track incorporates the traditional ethnic song and dance, musical instruments, horses and other elements and the thick cultural heritage of the Yi nationality.Romantic and fantastic, MaXi-Race China Baili Rhododendra is not only a special race but an unforgettable journey.

After 7 hours and 56 minutes and 06 seconds later, the player Li Pengju from Guiyang, China first arrived at the 60KM end point. He perfectly reached destination in a warm cheer. Shortly after the arrival of the championship, runner-up Deng Qiongxu and third runner Wei Xiong also quickly arrived. In the following grand ceremony, Yang Chao, deputy director of Baili Rhododendra Administrative Committee awarded the first three players the medal and awarded the final certificate.

More than one hundred Rescue medical staff and over 300 volunteers  ensured this event to hold successfully. They were distributed in over 10 jobs, such as the medical rescue, register office, punch card, supply point, track guide, track safety, photography and camera, recovery after the game, etc. They serviced for each player with great enthusiasm and infected every player with warm smile.

Finally, thank Guizhou COFCO Coca-Cola in all the supply point for the contestants to provide free drinks and functional water. Thanks the very strong support for this event of the Bijie branch of ICBC, the first outdoor clothing brand TFO, France Uglow, 100 years of professional sports glasses brand Julbo, Czech Royal Bay brand medical compression.Thanks to all domestic and foreign media, Camera team and live team. Thanks to all the contestants’ trust and support for the MaXi-Race series. Congratulations on the success of this competition!

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