Dr. Michael R. Bastkowski and the DeerCreek Medical Group Relocate to Hillsboro Boulevard

Deerfield Beach, FL – Dr. Michael R. Bastkowski and the DeerCreek Medical Group have relocated to Hillsboro Boulevard in South Florida. Dr. Michael R. Bastkowski is one of the best Chiropractors in South Florida, and has been providing chiropractic services to his clients for over 15 years. Anyone who has suffered an injury or who has neck, back, or joint pain in the Hillsboro Boulevard area should schedule an appointment with Dr. Bastkowski today.

Dr. Michael R.Bastkowski is better known at the office as Dr. Mike and at home as Michael R. Bastkowski. He is the father of three boys and works well with younger and older patients. Not only is he professional with patients of all ages, but he is also experiencedat handling many kinds of injuries. This might be because Dr. Bastkowski suffered from an injury that ended his football career. His own personal struggles sparked his desire to become a Chiropractic Physician, and his goal is to help others who have sustained injuries live a life with less pain. He claims to understand and relate to clients that feel physical and emotional pain from life-altering injuries.

In addition to sports-related injuries, Dr. Bastkowski also specializes in the treatment of post-traumatic auto accidents. Researchers have found that the average person will be involved in three to four car accidents in his or her lifetime. These accidents can range from fender benders to fatalities. However, even the smallest accidents can cause neck and back pain. Dr. Bastkowskican readjust patients’ necks, backs, and joints to ease the pain that comes from being in an auto accident.

John S., a satisfied and returning patient, stated, “I was involved in a car accident last September and suffering from neck pain and constant headaches. Dr. Mike is the only physician who was able to give me any long-term relief.”

Dr. Michael R. Bastkowski encourages people to see a Chiropractor before relying on medications to deal with the pain from injuries, because he believes in non-drug pain management. Pain medication is only a temporary fix and can come with adverse side effects. It does not fix the problem causing the pain, but instead masks it. Dr. Bastkowski schedules a consultation with every patient to see what is causing their pain. Sometimes, back pain results from a neck injury and readjusting the back will not solve the issue. Dr. Bastkowski carefully examines each patient to figure out where exactly the pain is coming from. He then develops a treatment plan specific to each patient.

In addition to physical treatment, Dr. Bastkowski also educates patients on stretches and exercise regimens to help patients continue with treatment even outside of the office. Anyone who is experiencing pain from an auto accident or sports-related injury should travel down to Hillsboro Boulevard in South Florida to visit Dr. Bastkowski and the DeerCreek Medical Group at their new location.

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