Catwalk Rugs Launches a Traditional Rug Line to Meet the Demand for Classic Styles

Sydney, NSW – Traditional crafted or styled rugs have been a popular item on the market this spring season. Their rugs are crafted with high-quality materials like wool, sisal, jute, bamboo, cotton, silk, chenille, seagrass and even hemp. Identifying real materials can be difficult for the untrained eye, especially when the market is flooded with cheap imposters. Catwalk Rugs, a trustworthy online retailer, strongly maintains their gold standards despite all the bad salesmanship around them. They are leading merchants of beautiful designer rugs, accessories, and homewares in a wide variety of styles. Interior designers, stylists, hired shoppers and those who have a need to purchase a perfect staple piece for their home, rave about the wonderfully crafted items.

This business attributes its growing successes to their dedicated staff and on floor team members. They have spent many long hours cultivating a lovely traditional collection created from some of the finest and largest collectives from around the world. Their curated inventory surpasses all previous definitions of luxury tradition. Their styles range from minimalistic European design to the subtle ambiance of cool American designs. They have mid-century aesthetics as well as modern and postmodern pieces in many shapes and types such as woven flat rugs, handmade and machine made rugs. Many rug, accessory, and home good warehouses only carry a certain aesthetic to cater to a specific margin of style, which can make it difficult for those seeking a variety. Catwalk Rugs’ nearly endless range of choices to pick can make the final decision harder for some, but for many it is what makes this company ultimately superior.

An interior designer, Sydney was so pleased with the service and customer experience that they chose this company over many other competitors to outfit a new grand hotel that was opening in the previous fall. “Often times when I approach vendors they tell me that their stock can’t handle my hotel-sized order. This is disappointing to hear when you have this and that deadline looming over you! When I turned to Catwalk, they turned every design nightmare into a dream. I even chose them to style my own home.” This company really has proven versatility in tradition over the years and continues to please more and more clients like this. With such glowing recommendations, it is no wonder this company has remained so popular. Whether the search is for something exquisite and royal, professionally modern or even subtle cozy, Catwalk Rugs is a name to trust.

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Company Name: Catwalk Rugs
Contact Person: Afshin Nejadiran
Phone: 028-091-3131
City: Sydney
State: NSW 2015
Country: Australia