K-Syran Gears Up To Release Her Latest Single, Dizzy

A US Billboard chart hit, x4 Top 10 dance tracks and a United Nations anthem… now international singer/songwriter K-Syran is back with a poptastic bang and the Legend of Tarzan stuntman wrapped tightly around her finger!

A vibrant voluptuous bundle of divine blonde curls, exuding sheer glittering energy and delicious vibes, international singer/songwriter, K-Syran, spins deliriously off the back of last year’s US Billboard chart success with her spankingly fresh new single, ‘Dizzy’ released 19 May.  With the radio edit produced by Philip Larsen and Chris Smith of the global team Manhattan Clique (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Timbaland, Nicole Scherzinger) and a dance mix from Rich B and Phil Marriott,  ‘Dizzy’ injects a fresh new sound from this seasoned artist and sets the scene for her new album – out this Autumn.  Plus, with the eye-candy of Legend of Tarzan stunt man starring alongside her in the new video, it’s clear to see what’s making K-Syran dizzy!  With her newly launched self-owned label, Intimacy Records, set to deliver a string of releases for 2017, there’s no doubt that K-Syran is the golden girl stamping a stiletto-heeled print into the music scene this year!

Tripping, teasing and twirling K-Syran’s deep rich vocals around an intoxicating sound-bed of pop-laden beats and loops, Manhattan Clique deliver ‘Dizzy’ as the epitome of how the ultimate pop song should sound – and so highly addictive that it should come with a warning!  K-Syran wrote this song after a head-spinning night on stage in LA –  the crowd were on fire, the performance was electric and by the time K-syran bounded off stage she was dizzy with adrenalin.  The experience was life changing, epic, incredible and deserved a song all to itself.  Wanting to replicate that experience for her fans, K-Syran recruited the 6-pack help of the real-life Tarzan for the video; the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Jack Jagodka who played the stunt double for Tarzan in the movie blockbuster, Legend of Tarzan.

Throughout 2016, K-Syran enjoyed collaborations with big pop names, global producers and some of the world’s most in demand DJs, as well as being chosen by the United Nations as the anthem for International Women’s Day with song ‘Intimacy’.  In the summer of ’16 her cheeky pop single ‘Hello’ smashed into the US Billboard charts, where it stayed all season as she embraced the newly emerging ‘social’ era by delivering a Snapchat video to keep in touch with her fans.  ‘Hello’ later became the anthem for World Hello Day in the Autumn of that year – proof that K-Syran’s music has the power to connect with the masses on every level.

Now the Norwegian-born pop goddess strides confidently into 2017 with her strongest music to date, one of the world’s hottest men hanging from her arm!  No wonder she’s ‘Dizzy’!

The single ‘Dizzy’ is released on Intimacy Records on 19 May.

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