Couple launches online footwear store that offers comfortable and cozy shoes for babies

Shop for high-quality toddler shoes handmade with 100% vegan materials

One of the most important stages of life is the time when a child learns to walk. At this period, the child needs shoes that are comfortable, protective and designed to support balance and coordination. Licornes announces their online store that offers high-quality footwear for toddlers. The site offers a selection of handmade shoes, made from vegan materials. Customers can purchase moccasins, Mary Jane, boots or any of the shoes in the collections. These baby shoes are available in various sizes, design patterns, make, color, etc.

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“I started this store with my wife after I found out that it is a bit difficult to find quality baby shoes with comfortable soft soles. Our collection ranks high on many factors including quality, value, design, and presentation. We don’t just list shoes; we make sure that every single item in our store is manually checked and certified to provide the support that babies need,” said Aaron V, CEO of Licornes Footwear.

Licornes Footwear was created to deliver specialized in soft sole shoes that will help the little ones develop the balance, strength, and coordination that they need during one of the most critical stages of their life – learning to walk. The shoes come in various design pattern and material including moccasins like Liam, which is handmade with vegan suede leather, and Madison, which has an elastic band at the side openings. The Mary Jane shoes include Little Princess with a flexible soft sole that allows smooth movement and there is also the gold colored Little Ruler, that shines on baby’s feet.

The site also offer boots like Aquamarine, Midnight and Snowman, all with beautiful leather and straight bar laces, making them the perfect shoes for a photo shoot. Customers can also shop from collections like who run the world, baby shower gifts, and first walkers.

“This store is classy and ethical. I love the collection of shoes and the color variations. So far, I have bought at least four shoes now, and I can tell you, they are so good on my baby’s feet. She finds them very comfortable and warm. They also look so awesome in the photos,” said Amanda L, a customer.

Licornes Footwear is ethical, snazzy and comfy, keeping the little ones fashionable and comfortable, whether for a day at the beach, an event, for a photo shoot or every day wear.

About Licornes Footwear

Licornes Footwear is an online store that specialized in soft sole shoes that will help the little ones develop balance, strength, and coordination. The shoes are 100% handmade with vegan material, and the company made sure that no animal was harmed during the manufacturing process.

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