Viva Home Comfort Provides Complete Smart Home Solution

Green Technology can Make a Huge Difference; Without the Excessive Cost!!

There are many factors which can affect the price of energy although they generally cause the price to rise.  This is why it is essential to use the services of a local firm which is dedicated to providing the best possible care.  Viva Home Comfort offers a huge range of services which will help to ensure comfort, warmth and an assurance of affordability: all essential in the provision of energy.

But there service is much more than a means of saving energy and reducing outgoings.  Many of the products they offer are designed with green technologies.  This means they will use as little energy as possible.  Equipment available includes:

• Furnace – The smart furnace does more than just reduce energy bills.  It also allows the control of a furnace from an app which can be attached to virtually any cell phone.  It is this which can assist in providing the perfect temperature at home; there is no longer a need for complicated timers or assistance from friends.

Air Conditioner – This is one of the most important items to keep any home cool in the hot summer months.  Fortunately the products produced by this firm are energy efficient and high performance; making the perfect answer.  They function perfectly in hot and cold climates to provide a balanced temperature within the home.

Air Filter – Viva offer some of the best and most effective air filters on the market.  They are effective at removing 99.97% of allergens!

• Water heater – The water heaters are exceptionally energy efficient and incorporate green foam insulation which can keep water hot without even having the heater on!

Water treatment – The range of water treatments are all designed to ensure the best possible water quality at home.  The importance of water to the human body is noted by this firm and all products are designed to improve the environment as well as the comfort of the homeowner.

About Viva Home Comfort

Viva Home Comfort is a Canadian based business specializing in items which will ensure any home is comfortable and practical to live in.  Viva Home Comfort offer more than just energy efficient equipment.  They can provide peace of mind, which is invaluable to homeowners across the globe.  Their sophisticated home systems are designed to enable maximum control of the entire home with a few simple buttons on a phone! 

The firm has traditional values which include an honest and open approach to all issues whilst always acting with integrity.  They also promise to be easy to deal with and to provide the best possible customer service. 

The customer and their happiness is their most important goal which is why it is essential to contact them now on 866-398-4249!

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