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“Water Filters Market” size on the basis of accessories type spans pitcher filter, under sink filter, shower filter, faucet mount, and water dispenser.

The main function of a Water Filter is to take out the impurities from water with the help of a fine physical barrier, a chemical process or a biological procedure. What filters can actually do is that they can purify water to various extents for a wide range of purposes ranging from offering agricultural irrigation, accessible drinking water, public and private aquaria, to the protected utilization of ponds and swimming pools. As per the data of World Health Organization, it has been found that a child dies every 21 seconds and globally the count goes up to 3.4 Million people every year owing to the water related diseases.

And most of the deaths take place in the developing nations. And that is why, as the frequency of water borne diseases is rising, it is eventually raising the need for offering pure and clean water. The government has started developing the systems that could reasonably filter and cleanse the water that has now been labeled as water purifiers. It has been noted that the overall demand for water purifiers has gushed drastically since a few years that has drawn the attention of bigger companies including Panasonic and LG to introduce their own water purifiers.

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The factors that can be attributed to the water purifiers’ market growth include growing domestic production, reduced penetration level of water purifiers, augmenting demand for water recycling, and growing residential and commercial construction projects across the globe and growing awareness about water related health concerns and drinking water quality among the consumers.

It has been observed that the global population is rapidly increasing which is raising the water pollution level, particularly in urban areas where population growth is higher, in addition to increasing number of industries dumping wastewater into rivers. In addition, the unequal availability of freshwater resources makes the countries, especially in the Middle East, depend on ocean water. And that’s what makes the demand to rise for desalination processes, thus compelling the overall demand for water purifiers.

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Market size on the basis of technology type spans Gravity Purifiers, RO Purifiers, UV Purifiers, Sediment Filters, and Water Softener. Market size on the basis of end user spans Industrial, Commercial, and Household.

Among all the segments, the pitcher filter and faucet mount segments are the ones that are prominently contributing in this growth. The aspect that is accomplishing the present needs of the people by offering safe water in a cost effective manner is the point-of-use accessories. Market size on the basis of geographical region spans North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World.

As far as the geography is concerned, Asia Pacific is currently dominating the market where countries like China & India are playing the role of key contributors. It is estimated that it will come up as the most rapidly developing region in the next couple of years, the reason being rapid increase in population growth, augmented prerequisite for clean and safe drinking water supply that has ultimately driven the adoption of water purifiers in this particular region.

Moreover, the region is witnessing rise in the environmental pollution and depletion of the groundwater resources that have ruined the quality of drinking water, thus fuelling the demand for water purifiers. Other than that, South America is also playing its major role in expanding the market size. In addition, it is anticipated that the region will experience a rapid expansion in the near future.

The water purifier industry is said to be highly disjointed as many regional players are emerging and leading in their respective regions. The major companies operating in the global water purifier market include Kent RO Systems Ltd., Pentair Residential Filtration, Brita GmBH, A.O Smith Corp., LLC, GE Corporation, Tata Chemicals Ltd, Eureka Forbes, and Culligan International Company.

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