End to End Supply Chain Visibility Technology Highlighted by Synchrono

Synchrono, a leader in modern demand-driven manufacturing software, today released a new white paper that addresses the number one concern of supply chain managers around the globe: Visibility. The paper, End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility Technology is Here, addresses new Cloud-based technologies for enabling end-to-end supply chain visibility – and its link to modern Demand-Driven Manufacturing.

The paper outlines how increasing amounts of data collected through the Internet of Things (IoT), globalization, and outsourcing are heightening visibility requirements for today’s supply chain managers. Cloud technologies discussed in the paper not only make it easier to connect all participants in the supply chain network, but make it easier for anyone (with appropriate permissions) to quickly build their own visualizations assembled from multiple data sources. Additional topics discussed in the paper include:

  • A visibility game-changer: The liberation of data. The value in the increased digitization of manufacturing and the Internet of Things is the ability to share real-time data across machines, tools, sensors, systems, and suppliers – any source that collects useful data. Cloud tools provide the ability to liberate all the data collected; making it easy to access, share, visualize, and analyze data from multiple sources.
  • The link between modern Demand-Driven Manufacturing and end-to-end supply chain visibility. Both revolve around the concept of a single, central supply chain planning system of record that allows for the collaboration of internal and external resources to execute orders and achieve optimal production flow.
  • Examples of how, where, and why manufacturers are applying visibility solutions today. A variety of business use cases are provided from across the supply chain network.
  • What to look for in new technologies and how to get started on the path toward end-to-end visibility. Considerations and suggested actions for evaluating supply chain visibility technologies.

The paper offers guidance in building a business case for end-to-end supply chain visibility technology by covering how, why, and where Demand-Driven Manufacturers are investing today. To download the whitepaper, go to: http://bit.ly/2oE99jP.

Synchrono will be demonstrating SyncView, a manufacturing visualization and communication system at the IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo in Cleveland, Ohio May 8-10 and at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, Arizona May 23-25.

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Synchrono LLC enables the demand-driven visual factory of the future; synchronizing people, processes, machines, materials and data to drive production flow from order inception to delivery. The award winning Synchrono Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform includes a production planning, scheduling and execution system; ekanban inventory replenishment and supply chain collaboration software; a data collection, historian and automated workflow engine; alert management and monitoring software; and a real-time visual factory information system. The Platform components may be implemented independently or collectively to enable the Internet of Things and an unprecedented foundation for communication, collaboration and continuous improvement. Synchrono helps clients manage constraints, improve flow and drive on-time delivery to maintain a competitive edge. Sync with us at www.synchrono.com and follow the Demand-Driven Matters blog at www.synchrono.com/blog.

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