Shareware and Software Launcher Introduces SWF Decomplier

Sothink, one of the top launchers of sharewares and web-based software apps in the world, has developed SWF Decomplier and SWF quicker, tools capable of converting Flash and editing SWF completely.

This SWF Decompiler converts Short Web Format, Adobe File flash format for Action Script, multi-media and vector graphics to FLA, FLEX and Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML5) files.

Sothink offers premium quality web-authoring sharewares which include SWF Decompiler, Flash Animation Maker, Dynamic HTML or DHTML menus, and Logo Maker for web architects or developers. Shareware refers to free software distributed for assessment, after which there will be cost for continuous use.

The SWF Decompiler is one of the many tools in web-based animation ideal for Flash users and editors. Its capacity for converting SWF to FLA and SF to HTML5 as well as edit SWF reduces working time of web developers. Sothink also provides an assortment of free tutorials and samples for web programmers.

The Decompiler has awesome features. It has been using Flash SWF Decompiler technology for the last 12 years with performance and precision as major attributes. It can support different version of Flash (CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6). SWF Decompiler has the ability to replace text, images, shapes, and sounds. Likewise, the app exports buttons, fonts, and Action Script. Besides, it is the only and first-ever Decompiler that supports HTML5 and XFL analysis tools.

By converting Flash to HTML5, developers can use it in browsers compatible to HTML5. Thus, visitors may watch Flash movies on their personal computers, tablets, I-phones, and mobile devices supporting HTML5.

It offers multiple language interfaces like MS Office 2007. The system language is recognized automatically. For more efficiency, developers can decompile the Short Web Format according to batches and search Action Script globally. The latest version decompiles SWF with Text Layout Framework (TLF) text. This is compatible with Windows 10.

There is a one-click-to view feature and Short Web Format files may be extracted from current SWF files. The Flash Downloader plug-in enables users to capture online Flash from Internet Explorer or Fire Fox with a single click.

According to One Kit Software Magazine, the SWF Decompiler of Sothink is a “professional tool that facilitates capturing and saving Internet Flash animation for additional editing by special apps.”

About Sothink

Sothink is one of the prominent launchers of sharewares and web-based software apps worldwide. It has made a mark for quality and is the most widely used software among web developers especially for Flash Editor, Flash to HTML5, and Logo Design app specifically the Sothink logo maker. It was designed in such a way that even amateurs can build remarkable logo designs within a short duration.

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