Ergonomic Bike for Pain Free Cycling Raises $100,000 in Less Than 48 Hours

Cruzbike T50 Kickstarter launch is a fast success as backers pour in from across the globe.

Cruzbike, Inc raised over $100,000 in less than 48 hours on Kickstarter for their ergonomic T50, a commuter bike that leaves the neck, back, wrists, groin, and derriere free from the pain that can be caused by upright bicycles.

“My wrists, neck, and groin hurt or went numb every time I rode more than a few miles,” said Jim Parker MD, Cruzbike Co-Founder and Director. “As a doctor who has reviewed the medical research on the subject, I knew those symptoms can mean serious trouble. I also knew there had to be a better way. We decided to invest in an alternative, healthier bike design.”

The T50 is an ergonomic bicycle that lets you sit back comfortably, rather than crouch over the handlebars and seat. This traditional bike riding position causes stress on your neck, back, wrists, and groin. The T50 relieves this pressure with its recumbent frame and cushioned ergonomic seat and allows you to ride with comfort and joy. It’s all the good stuff about riding a bike, without the parts that hurt.

“If I ride a traditional bike, within about 5 minutes my neck is numb, my hands hurt, and I can’t ride the bicycle. I have to get off,” says Bob Pankratz, a Cruzbike customer. “On the Cruzbike, I can get on it and I can ride for 9, 10 hours, and I can get off and it’s not like I’ve ridden for 5 minutes. It gives me back the riding that I didn’t think I was ever going to have again.”

The unique front wheel drive harnesses the compact drive train of the traditional bicycle. It connects your upper body and core to the cranks, so you can climb and accelerate like on a traditional bike. Industry standard components also make it easy to maintain. No special knowledge is needed, either. It’s just like every other bike but laid back.

A tight turning radius and being the same length as a traditional bike makes the T50 great for an urban commute or a trip around town, plus it fits most trainers for indoor exercise. An adjustable front tube means you can share it with your friends, too.

The T50 can be taken anywhere since it fits on standard bike racks. It works well with a variety of bags and trailers, making it ideal for bike packing, camping, or a trip to the market.

The taller design keeps the rider visible on the road by putting them at eye-level with car drivers.

The T50 is still available for pre-order on Kickstarter It is available as a frameset or as a complete build, starting at $650.

About Cruzbike

Cruzbike is bootstrapping a new joy-driven movement in cycling. Their front-wheel drive recumbent bicycle transforms performance road bike technology into an incredibly fun, liberating cycling experience. It also happens to be the fastest unfaired bicycle on the market. The company is family owned and operated and is headquartered in Lumberton, N.C., USA.

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