U.S. Accident-Related Litigation Marks Increase During First Quarter Of 2017

USA – As the leading cause of death owing to non-pathological reasons in the U.S. continues to be traffic accidents, a growing number of accident survivors or relatives of the deceased pursue punitive and compensatory damages to make up for their psychological, physical and financial ordeal. Accident-related claims are not limited to motor vehicle deaths, but also includes workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities; traumatic brain injuries; injuries to children; medical negligence; property damage, and more.

In their search for legal representation, potential plaintiffs are often frustrated by the lack of assurance and attention paid to them by the numerous legal counselors they consult with prior to making the decision of who will ultimately defend their case in front of the courts. However, as personal injury claim experts know, a large percentage of such cases can be resolved through arbitration and mediation between the interested parties, thus saving clients the hassle and added financial expenditures of filing a lawsuit.

When asked to name the decisive factors affecting the outcome of personal injury claims, Wiener & Lambka’s media representative was adamant that “Recruiting the services of a reputable injury attorney is of utmost importance. Client psychology has been proven to be a decisive factor in legal proceedings. The first, crucial step in the hiring process is to approach a welcoming law firm, which prioritizes client engagement through providing sound information with the intent to help clients make informed decisions.”

He continued “A proven track record of court wins is not enough. Clients should take into consideration the percentage of cases each individual attorney, and every firm as a whole, has managed to settle without pursuing further legal action.”

Concluding his statements, Wiener & Lambka’s media representative said that “Financial transparency, in terms of the fees and costs that associated with each case and frank advice on the risks and rewards of each individual case is what every client should be entitled to – and they should never compromise on these basic principles.”

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