Real Estate Investing Author and Coach Takes the Mystery Out of Buying Houses

Real estate expert Scott Jelinek coaches helps future investors take the mystery out of buying real estate.
Expert real estate investor Scott Jelinek has opened an online academy for people who want to get into real estate as an investment opportunity.

(Virginia Beach, Virginia) When Scott Jelinek purchased his first investment property 23 years ago he had no idea where that road would take him.  Today, as a successful real estate investor, husband and father, and now author, Scott has set out to help others enter in to real estate investing. The path he carved for himself was first constructed from gut instinct and later paved with the knowledge gained over twenty years and hundreds of closed deals. Recently, Scott has taken the knowledge he gained and putting it into a medium where others could make use of it. His first book, The Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Guerilla Marketing has been highly successful in its mission of educating readers about cheap, but concrete means of marketing real estate. With the advent of his online academy, Scott is taking the next step to create a mastermind group of investors who can share information and assist each other on the road to prosperity.

“I’m pleased with the progress we’ve been making building a community of people who are interested in taking their investments to the next level,” says Scott. “Real Estate has always been a relatively safe investment, but it can also be a lucrative investment when you know what you’re doing. We’re building a group of masterminds that do know what they’re doing and can help others get started.”

His most recent book, Work Just Gets in the Way of Making Money is one part self-help book and one part investment guide. He wanted to place all of the knowledge he had accrued in the field of real estate investment into one definitive work that could accelerate the learning process for those in his academy.

“I’ve always been a salesperson,” says Scott. “I sold candy as a kid, sodas at the beach—that type of thing. I stumbled into real estate investment twenty years ago, knowing absolutely nothing about it, but I had faith. I figured I could eventually pay off all the homes and businesses I was buying and didn’t really think about it much farther than that. It took a few recessions and crashes to truly learn how to make money in real estate investing. But, I did learn, and I want to help others do the same…only without the crashes.”

The book is a step-by-step guide, but it is more than just a guide to making money with real estate. It is about making smart choices that enable investors to live worry free. As Scott explains, there were times when he was making $30,000 a month but paying out 99% of it. The goal is to make money but also have time and money to enjoy life.

The books, the academy, and his personal coaching business is all about building a system of investments that help people better their lives, not just their portfolio.  For a free hardcover copy of Scott’s latest book Work Just Gets In The Way Of Making Money go to

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