FyNSiS SoftLabs Debuts Free Mobile App for SuiteCRM

CRM is going mobile and now Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

FyNSiS SoftLabs has just announced the launching of FyNCRM which is being heralded by many experts to be the best SuiteCRM Mobile App for Android and Apple devices on the market. The revolutionary free mobile app for SuiteCRM makes it possible to access CRM data on demand, from any location.

“This app is developed for the world’s best open source CRM software, SuiteCRM,” stated company director Nasir Khan.  “It enables complete access to create, edit and view SuiteCRM modules with little effort at all.  There is a myriad of assets to this app like keeping up with leads, cases, calls and meetings, contacts, accounts and so much more.  We are excited to see this app launch because it is so useful and represents the evolving future of the way business will be conducted.”

The free mobile app for SuiteCRM is a full-featured solution for businesses that will allow user interface transactions to now be professionally and conveniently carried out on mobile devices.  It will link employers with employees, promote business developments, enable collaborations among team members and meet many other challenges encountered in the mobile business world. 

What a number of business professionals and entrepreneurs are claiming to be the best SuiteCRM mobile app for Android and Apple devices is being well received after its recent debut. The many features are deemed to be extremely beneficial to those making the plunge to the mobile world of business which experts are predicting may very well be the largest and perhaps even sole marketplace of the future.

FyNSiS Softlabs is headquartered in Bangalore.  The company brings fifteen years of experience to the table and is manned by energetic, skillful technologists who rally together to bring a full-spectrum of IT and CRM services to users around the globe.

FyNSiS Technologies provides services for small and medium sized businesses as well as large enterprises that are designed to enhance the companies.  Boosting revenue, assisting in management and regulating field force are among the unique provisions the company provides in their solutions.  They thrive on creating ways to streamline and automate the processes involved in all arenas of business and now have tapped into the mobile market as well.

SuiteCRM implementation is available through Fynsis with long-term help that incorporates their skills and knowledge to assure the usability and dependability of the new app.  The service embraces the idea that the comprehensive SuiteCRM app will meet the needs and exceed the expectations of its users.  Training and support is incorporated as needed to deliver the surety that the product is able to be utilized to its fullest capability.  Implementation and development centers are currently in Singapore, the UK, Chile, India, and are spreading quickly across the world in other areas as well.  Support is available both online and offline.

Another facet of the free FyNCRM app that is quite popular is the eye catching attractiveness of the design.  The many features are practical and are ones that are widely used.  It is also very functional and easy to use.

The first SuiteCRM came out on October 21, 2003 to answer the call when SugarCRM discontinued its free source services.  It is estimated that the app has been downloaded over 500,000 times through the years and that the current release of the free mobile app for SuiteCRM will significantly add to the numbers.

The new app is free for the first 30 days after which, access to it will be available for a fee.  The trial period allows users to evaluate the services to make an informed decision about the product.  Based upon the reviews of the recent launching, many are finding it to be the best SuiteCRM mobile app for Android and Apple devices ever.

To access a free mobile app for SuiteCRM, or to activate your account, visit the website at fynsis.com

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