Breakthrough LED Lamp By French Startup Eliminates Jet Lag Woes Before Flight

Rising French startup Alive Energy assures smart jet lag management with its futuristic JETLight that uses light therapy to keep jet lag issues at bay by synchronizing the traveler’s internal clock with the time of his destination.

Auckland, New Zealand – April 26, 2017 – Globe trotters, businessmen and sportsmen who cringe at the thought of jet lags finally have a solution now! Rising French startup Alive Energy has recently introduced a game-changing LED lamp JETLight that will eliminate all the jet lag woes even before you board the flight.

Armed with 10 IC RGB LEDs, the lamp is the first ever to use light therapy to get rid of painful jet lag issues by synchronizing the traveler’s internal clock with the time of his destination.

The lamp even doubles up as a power bank to charge mobile devices.

“Jet lag is excruciating. The constant irritability, throbbing head and nasty sleeplessness are haunting for any traveler flying abroad from east to west and vice versa. But not anymore. Our game-changing JETLight is here to change the scene for better now with its futuristic light therapy. It’s the only device that doesn’t use any pills or drinks and that synchronizes the traveler ahead of his flight. It’s energy efficient, long lasting and assures low carbon emission,” stated Nicolas Hiriart, the man behind JETLight and the founder of Alive Energy.

Nicolas lives between Asia and Oceania and is a regular traveler to Europe and USA for his business. While international travel is unavoidable for him, he was always on the mission to do something to minimize his struggles with jet lag – and thus JETLight was born.

JETLight works in 2 modes:

The first mode will work before the flight. JETLight will synchronize the traveler’s internal clock with his final destination three days prior to his departure to prepare the body for the time zone difference. There will be mild light flashes to tick the internal clock during the night, when it’s day at the destination.

The second mode is designed to help users during and after the flight. With this mode, JETLight would sync up user’s internal clock through complete replication of the sun at the travel destination.

“Hunger cravings at incorrect times and serious dehydration are two of the main reasons of jet lag problems upon arrival. But JETLight will take care of such problems from now on through its intelligent Meal Reminder and Water Reminder.”

Meal Reminder will release green flashes thrice a day to remind the user of the best times to eat at his destination. The Water Reminder will release blue flashes after every 45 minutes from 7 in the morning to 8 in the night.

“JETLight is the ultimate travel companion for any international traveler. Added to most effective jet lag management, it also assures good mood every day so that you can perform at your peak. Users will benefit from better sleep, easy wake up in the morning and convenient management of daylight savings. Designed for travel, it’s portable and backed with a solid 4000mAH battery for an extensive use. And yes, it also sports a lock system to save battery while not in use.”

Users will have 5 color options to choose from – silver, gold, pink, dark grey, light blue and red.

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