Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Month 2017 Sparks Conversation

The month of May is synonymous with many things such as a change to warmer weather, prom season, and graduations, but many Americans do not know or understand the significance it plays for MCS awareness. Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) affects over 48 million men, women, and children. May presents a great opportunity to work towards increased public awareness of MCS and support for the millions of people affected.

“MCS is a devastating illness that makes it difficult to live in our modern world. It’s hard to imagine that everyday household items like cleaning products and perfume can make you sick, but for people with MCS, virtually everything in their homes can trigger reactions,” says Debra Lynn Dadd, consumer advocate.

For MCS AwarenessMonth in May 2017, Debra has teamed up with EnviroKlenz, a manufacturer of nontoxic deodorizing products, to share how she recovered from MCS. She has outlined her process in “How to Recover from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and Other Environmental Illnesses.”

Debra Lynn Dadd was one of the first to be diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), an immune system disorder that results in becoming sensitive to all types of products that are made from petrochemicals. Debra was diagnosed in 1978 when MCS was just becoming known. Because there were no resources at the time, she wrote and published her first book in 1982 to explain MCS medically and give practical solutions for recovery.

Debra’s experience with recovering from MCS led her to become the leading consumer advocate for nontoxic products, with two New York Times Bestselling books. “When I started researching the toxic chemicals used in consumer products, one of the first things I found out was formaldehyde causes insomnia. Insomnia was one of my worst symptoms. And every night I was sleeping on permanent-press cotton/polyester bed sheets that were emitting formaldehyde. I traded my sheets for 100% cotton untreated sheets, and I was able to sleep at night.”

“MCS is only the tip of the iceberg,” she warns. “Over the past thirty years, scientists have discovered that every body system is affected by the exposures we have to toxic chemicals every day. While people with MCS were the first to show negative health effects from toxic chemical exposure, now there is a clear correlation between everyday toxic chemical exposure and virtually every illness.”

EnviroKlenz is located at 13421 Parker Commons Blvd Suite 102 in Fort Myers, Florida.

The company can be contacted via phone at (239)330-6176 or at their website:

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