Restaurant Operator Finds New Platform For online Pricing & Ordering System for restaurant operators and food distributors

Recently launched online Pricing & Ordering System for restaurant operators and food distributors BoilingPrice has helped a restaurant operator, Rob find the best way to connect to distributors and get ingredients for the best prices.

A few decades ago, running a restaurant was not as tough as a job it is now, although many conveniences have made preparing food much easier and quicker, the costs of running a restaurant, however, have quadrupled. In the good old times, rent was much cheaper, food costs were low, and labor was practically free. These low costs meant profit margins were big enough, let even the worst operators earn lots of money. However, those were the cowboy days and are now over!

For a restaurant operator like Rob, there many changes and challenges but one of the biggest are keeping the costs of operating a restaurant down, because, considering the current trends the meal he served for lunch today could cost more to make next week. Today, the rents are at an all-time high (with no end in sight,) food costs are continually on the rise, and popular specialty foods and ingredients don’t come cheap.

Calling distributors to check the latest prices before he orders take the majority of Robs working hours when he could be concentrating on improving his restaurant. So when Rob found, he signed up immediately.

BoilingPrice is designed to help restaurant operators and food distributors, giving them a new and more efficient method of connecting to each other. It allows restaurant operators to develop an Order Guide, send Price Inquiry and see the up-to-date real-time prices from tons of distributors responding, Compare Price before Placing Order, all just with a simple click from anywhere.

The online platform is equally beneficial for small distributors like Greg, whose business depends on selling the food to restaurants like Rob’s. The majority of his budget is spent on paying for sales reps and cold callers who help him find new business and stay in touch with his existing clients to compete with the big companies in the marketplace. After becoming a part of BoilingPrice marketplace, he was able to downsize his sales and marketing efforts, which saved him a lot of money.

BoilingPrice also gives a level playing field to small companies, so that they can compete with the big boys.

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