Play My Shyt Dot Com – Social Media Outlet that Rewards Members for Playing, Promoting and Networking with other Music Professionals is a social networking site which has a broad range of evolutionary features and helps music individuals promote their music by access to playing and sharing audio and video from most major social media outlets like Youtube, Soundcloud, Worldstar and more.

Willingboro, NJ, United States – April 26, 2017 – “Play My Shyt” is a new social media site with a wide range of evolutionary features which helps social networking sites for music. This social media site is set to assist individuals in promoting their music by giving playing and sharing audio and video from top major online social networking outlets like Youtube, Soundcloud, Worldstar and more.

Promotion is one of the inevitable processes for the music industry in this digital world to stay in the competition. With the evolution of social media networking, promotion aspects also change accordingly. The recent survey states that “promotional activities carried via social media are more effective than online web based promotions.” using social sites to promote your music are one of the top methods for marketing, but only effective if someone is actually pressing play.

PLAYMYSHYT gives music individuals the opportunity to stay with their most popular social networking site and thereby connected with their favorite artists/producers/DJs etc. PlayMyShyt also helps users to the network along with promoting their social media as they rank up from an ‘Associate’ to ‘The Don.’ Most may prefer spamming Facebook and twitter timelines all day with their new song, however, picking the right online social media site like ‘Play My Shyt’ to promote your audio and video still should be a no brainer.

RoyalG, The Founder of Play My Shyt said, “You can begin to create your profile and share your music posts with the world, we have plenty of extras to be added this year (Mixtape Uploads, Live Video Streaming, and Torrents for maximum exposure). He further said, “Creating a Music Profile on Play My Shyt is innovative, and gives listeners a more attractive and fan-friendly view when compared with the traditional means of sharing via the most popular social networking sites like Facebook or other social sites that may not be music oriented. Trust me; your efforts will be rewarded as we build this network.

“Most music professionals will tell you their soul purpose for being on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are to remain personal with their fans. This is the Social Media site for it!” – says East Coast Music Producer – Young Gentleman.

Creator and Founder, Web and MMA (Mobile Media App) Developer ‘RoyalG’ created a site focused on networking and promoting, which provide a social media outlet for both major and independent music professionals. This social media site may be the new social media headquarters for the music world. Apart from uploading and sharing, there are also various ways to collect points as well, liking/disliking and commenting on another patron’s music.

PLAYMYSHYT.COM offers discounts for new customers and current users to purchase points (for those that want to get right to work without limitations) with various packages ranging from 11k-250k points. This social networking site for Music is here to become the industry leader, by making it easier to market and promote your media. The need to flood Facebook, Twitter and other Top 10 social networking sites with music links are now a thing of the past.

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About Play My Shyt

The music based website and mobile application expose its users’ with dedicated manner. The media site ‘PlayMyShyt’ can be utilized for both major and independent use. Sharing your music with those who are looking for your music is essential. Users can create and promote their profile for any media related posts (but not limited to) Singles, Instrumentals, and DJ Mixes, etc. (Share from major sites like Vimeo, Youtube, Worldstar, Soundcloud, etc.). Under those categories alone several sub-categories are available which cover the majority of music outlets which are key for the promo.

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