Mike Cammarano to Run For Judge From Reading, PA in 2017

Renowned activist against bullying, Kris Degioia has joined hands with Mike against bullying & she will manage his campaign

Reading, PA, USA – April 26, 2017 – Mike Cammarano has announced that he is running for Judge in the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. Mike has recently hired renowned cyberstalking and bullying activist, Kris Degioia for marketing for his campaign. Mike was born and raised in Reading and is the oldest of eight children. He has four decades of experience in the practice of law and understands the problems of the city better than anyone else. Besides his base camp, the Berks County, he has practiced law in several other counties in the state of Pennsylvania as well as federal courts.

“I believe the experience I will bring to the bench, both legal experience and life experience, will benefit all those who must appear in court,” said Mike Cammarano while talking about his campaign. “This is my hometown and the place where I grew up and it will be a major honor and privilege to serve my own people in my own city,” he added. Mike has been married to his wife Debbie for 41 years and the couple has two children and three grandchildren. All of his family is settled in Reading and Mike is currently practicing law with his son.

The marketing manager of Mike’s campaign, Kris Degioia doesn’t just own a marketing firm, but she also owns a cyberstalking/bullying awareness called CSI Awareness. Her foundation has helped so many families in just a short time. She offered her services to Mike because Mike and his family have openly advocated against bullying. She is also a renowned American entrepreneur and a leading social media/digital media marketer. Furthermore, she is also the founder and current CEO of WTF MultiMedia, a Digital Marketing Agency.

‘Know it, Name it, Stop it’ is the name of the awareness campaign that is led by Kris against bullying. Her inspiring campaign against bullying and cyberstalking that has been carried out under the umbrella of CSI Awareness has been extremely effective and fruitful. Both Mike and Kris are very concerned with bullying and are committed to help stop it. Their common stance on bullying in the reasonable voice that is shared by the millions of Americans who have suffered from the heinous acts of bullying.

“Now is the time we stop ignoring what is happening to our children either at school or online or in any public place. I will not ignore our children being bullied,” said Mike while voicing his opinion regarding bullying. “Bullying killed 13 million kids last year alone, I pledge by working with CSI Awareness to lower the stats and to keep lowering it to where there are no stats for deaths related to bullying,” he added. Kris has expressed a lot of excitement for Mike’s campaign and is working dedicatedly for victory.

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