Three Enzyme Expression Systems Provided by Creative Enzymes

Every kind of biological life process, from small to large, multiply, life and death, metabolism, is related to enzymes. If there is no catalysis of enzymes, the most basic food digestion in life and oxygen breathing can not be carried out. In fact, the various reactions occurring in the body are almost always carried out by the enzyme. It can be said that there is no enzyme, there is no life.

Here are three enzyme catalytic systems, which let us better understand the function and function of the enzyme from Creative Enzymes.

E. coli Enzyme Expression System

To date, a variety of prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems have been developed to produce recombinant proteins. Compared with other systems, Escherichia coli expression system has the advantages of clear genetic background, easy operation, large-scale fermentation culture, and is the most commonly used expression system at this stage. However, in the process of exogenous gene expression, there may be problems such as low expression efficiency and insufficient activity.

Express Enzymes in Fungi

For a long time, filamentous fungi have been widely used not only in the commercial production of foodstuffs, cheeses and enzymes, but also are studied because of their important position in the commercial field. Gradually, some of the important properties of filamentous fungi have been recognized, including high expression levels, high extracellular secretion rates, protein molecular folding, similar modification systems to that from higher eukaryotic cells and production of exogenous proteins with natural activity. Thus, filamentous fungi quickly became an attractive host system for the production of heterologous recombinant proteins.

Enzyme Expression in Methylotrophs

Methanol yeast gene expression system is a recently developed foreign protein production system. Methanol yeast is a yeast that can use methanol as the sole carbon source, like H.polymorpha, Candida Bodinii and Pichia pastoris, among which Pichia Pastoris is most used as the gene expression system. Compared with the previous gene expression system, it has unparalleled high expression characteristics, and has been considered the most promising tool for the production of protein.

With the understanding of enzymology and molecular biology, the enzyme has played an increasingly important role in almost all the biological pathway.

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