Creative Biolabs Reveals the Global CAR-T R&D Pattern!

According to the number of cancer patients

CA CancerJ Clin in the United States published United States cancer incidence statistics in 2015, showing that in 2015 the United States increased the number of various types of blood cancer patients to 162,000 people. According to the expected Hematologic Malignancies CAR-T treatment cost ($300,000 / person), the potential market for new blood tumors in the United States will reach $48 billion annually.

According to indications

Currently the fastest clinical progress on CAR-T therapy is Nova’s CTL019, mainly for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) children. In the United States, about 3,750 cases (60%) of new cases of ALL in 6,250 cases are young patients under 20 years of age. At $300,000 per person, the potential market is about $1 billion per year.

CAR-T R&D pattern

In the development of CART-T therapy, the United States is far ahead, followed by China, Europe and Japan. Up to now, there are 87 CAR-T clinical trials, 54 in the United States, 23 in China, 8 in Europe, 1 in Japan and 1 in Australia. The United States is the origin of CAR-T technology. China has also seized the trend of this era, with an astonishing 23 clinical trials ranked second in the world.

Clinical progress of CAR-T therapy

Novo, Juno and Kite are leading the way in the development of CAR-T therapy. Their CAR-T has its own characteristics, and has received a large number of data in a number of clinical trials, leading the trend of CAR-T.

Novartis CTL019 is the world leader

Novart’s main CAR-T drug is CTL019, belonging to the second-generation of CAR-T category, and the intracellular signal area co-stimulatory signal is CD3-zeta and CD137.

JUNO and KITE is following

June 1, 2015, JUNO published its own CAR-T drug JCAR015 clinical 1 data. In February 2015, KITE published Phase I clinical data on its anti-CD19 CAR-T drug treatment for advanced malignant lymphoma.

Cellectics: changeers in CAR-T field

On 6 November 2015, Cellectis’s all-dimensional CAR-T therapy took an important step forward.

In future, how to standardize the CAR-T treatment process is the primary task that whether such therapies will be able to enter the clinical beneficial to patient.

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