Airwheel E3 Backpack Electric Bike Makes People and City Coexist Harmoniously

Airwheel E3 smart folding electric bike is capable of weaving in high streets and back lens, for it owns small and slender. When people get to destination or run into some particular conditions, they can fold it and carry it by hand, which benefits from multiple folding system. The appearance of E3 makes people and city coexist very harmoniously.

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There are some contradictions in the coexistence between people and city, such as difficult travels, tense parking spaces or serious air pollutions and so on. Many of them are caused by travel transports.

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For example, as economic level increases, many people select private cars as travel transport, as a result, the city traffic becomes congested, parking space becomes tense and air pollution is declining. Actually, replacing traditional transports with Airwheel E3 intelligent e bike will largely improve the harmonious coexistence between people and city. The following will unveil the reasons.

Airwheel  e bike

Airwheel E3 is a unique bike. It has no chain, but can cover almost all travels in daily life. The equipped imported lithium-ion battery not only offers strong power, but also supplies power for carryon electronic devices, like cell phone. What is more, the battery is swappable, which paves the way for unlimited range as long as people take enough standby batteries.

Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike

Besides strong power, Airwheel E3 foldable e bike is small and slender. Therefore, even if it is a narrow corridor, E3 can pass through easily. If people ride E3 to go to their destinations, they won’t be stuck in traffic jam anymore. What is more, when people get to destination or run into some particular conditions, like elevator, subway and bus, they can fold it and carry it by hand. Tense parking space will never trouble E3, for it just needs 0.1 cubic meters.

Everyone knows that electricity is clean energy. In other words, it won’t discharge any harmful exhaust into the air when it is working. Now that Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike is powered by battery, it is eco-friendly. All in all, if all people in city are willing to choose E3 as their daily transport, the traffic will be relieved, parking space will be loose and environment will be green.

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