New Bobby Backpack Anti-Theft Backpack Launched For the daily commute In Crowded Trains, Buses and Busy Streets

The designers of Bobby Backpack were alarmed at the growing rate of pick-pocketing and theft during a commute and therefore wanted to design a backpack that was not only practical but also highly functional for the daily commuters traveling in crowded trains, buses, and busy streets. The newly launched Bobby Backpack is a revolutionary functional and purposeful anti-theft backpack that accommodates the daily commute, short business trips and weekends away while keeping the contents of the back safe and protected from being stolen.

“400,000 pickpocket incidents occur in the world every day. You don’t need to worry that this will happen to you with Bobby Anti-Theft backpack. Key features such as a secret pocket, hidden zipper closures, and cut-proof material will keep your things safe while traveling. Besides the backpack safest, it is also the most comfortable backpack with features such as luggage strap, illuminating safety strips, water repellent fabric, weight balance, and an integrated USB charging port.” The spokesperson for Bobby Backpack said about the motivation behind the new anti-theft stylish backpack for the modern travelers.

Designed for the travelers and commuters of today, the Bobby Backpack has been manufactured out of a combination of specific types of a durable cut proof and water repellent fabric and materials to ensure high sturdiness, toughness and light weight.The genius of the bag lies in its concealed zipper, which makes it extremely tough for a thief to open the bag. The bag has been specially designed to suit diverse lifestyles that may include work, school, gym, outdoors, or travel. The design features an integrated USB charging port for power bank pocket where all power banks that are on the market can be connected through the USB plug, allowing users to charge their devices on the go. The Booby Backpack has a special laptop pocket.

The spokesperson further added: “The modern life requires people to travel in crowded and congested places, where there are thieves and pickpockets blend into the crowd waiting for their net victim. With the Booby Backpack, your mind will be at ease knowing that your belongings are safe.”


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