Maid Employment Agency in Singapore with over 30 years of experience offer families an easy way to find the best maid

Employers can search through hundreds of pre-screened maid profiles online conveniently, making hiring a maid a breeze

Finding the right maid one can trust to take care of your loved ones and the household chores can be a daunting task. For over 30 years, Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd has been serving three generations of families in Singapore, helping them find trusted full-time maids and experienced caregivers that are professional, efficient, trustworthy and hardworking. The website offers an even easier means to locate the ideal maid using the search parameters. Employers can search for maid based on main duty, nationality, religion, age, day off, salary and much more. Employers can also find maids based on popularity, availability, and experience.

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“For over 30 years we have helped thousands of homes find the exact maid for their needs. We are the pioneers and the best maid agency in Singapore without question. We offer an intensely controlled system and stringent interviewing process that ensures that all listed maids can be trusted, whether they have working experience in Singapore or from other countries. Our work ethics is of the highest standards, which is why we have been featured on top local and international news outlets like the Guardian, the New Paper, AsiaOne, Ministry of Manpower and SimplyHer,” said a representative of Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd.

Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd is the one of the top maid agency in Singapore because they offer the best options and the best price. Employers can search for maids based on main duty, like housework and cooking, care for newborn, infant or children, care for elderly or care for disabled. Employers can also search by type, e.g., transfer maid, ex-Singapore maid, ex-abroad maid and no experience maid, or by nationality including Filipino, Indonesian, Indian, Myanmese, etc. Employers can also search by religion, age, minimum and maximum day off, salary and so on. 

The company also offer top notch services including placement of experience or inexperienced maids, direct hiring of maid outside Singapore, application of maid work permit, placement of transfer maids, maid repatriation service, and many other types of services.

“Susie is more than just a helper. She has been such an incredible asset that we cannot imagine not having her in the household. She has integrated so well; it is hard to believe that she has only been with us for only seven months. My experience with her has been nothing but excellent. Thank you Universal!” said Cynthia K, a happy customer.

Employers who can’t find what they are looking for can make use of the ‘Submit Enquiry’ page. Every listed maid has a page with complete information about them, from nationality to work experience.

About Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd

Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd is a one of Singapore’s best maid agency that provides excellent end to end and affordable hassle-free service to families in Singapore which is a fast, easy and convenient way to hire a maid in Singapore.

Since 1986, Universal have been providing unmatched expertise in working with employers and maids to facilitate a successful match. Their experience over the years play a part in ensuring a high success rate of matching employers with maids in Singapore.

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