Announcing the Trumpxit prize: A charity fundraiser to predict how Donald Trump’s unorthodox presidency will end

April 26, 2017 –  Pixabits LLC announces the launch of the TRUMPXIT PRIZE (www.Trumpxit.com), a charity fundraiser where players predict how Donald Trump’s presidency will come to end.  Pick a charity, choose a date you think Donald Trump will actually leave the office of President of the United States, and select the reason why he left.  Reasons include 1) One ‘n Done – Single term president; 2) DNF – Left office mid-term for any reason; 3) Pushing Daisies – Dies in office for any reason; and 4) Tweets of Glory – Serves two complete terms. 

If you are smart enough to pick the correct date and reason, your charity wins the jackpot.  When entering, users are asked to elaborate on the circumstances of Donald Trump’s departure, which will be used to break any ties (e.g., impeached because? Defeated for second term by?).  For Tweets of Glory, users are asked to predict Donald Trump’s first tweet once out of office after his second term.  The Trumpxit Prize will also award quarterly prizes to charities as long as POTUS45 is still in office.

“I’m actually not a very political person, but we’ve been witnesses to history,” says Ross Dannenberg, Pixabits’ CEO.  “First the election was nuts, then his Presidency is just as bizarre.  It seems like every day the President’s administration does something unpredictable.  That made us start to think: how will this end?  Believe it or not, this is not a politically motivated site.  I read about betting sites in the UK, and I just wanted to do something fun here, too, while raising money for charity at the same time.  It’s all in the name of fun… and charity.” 

All user-entries are moderated for content, and might not be visible immediately after submission.  Charities were chosen based on their being affected by the Trump administration or its policies (so yeah, that’s a little political, but you can play for military veterans, too).

Pixabits LLC is an unconventional software developer based in Arlington, Virginia, and is known for mobile games such as That Frog (iOS/Android), &Me games that let you put your child in the game (iOS only), and the Beltway Boxing series (iOS only).  Beltway Boxing includes the installments Bruz Cruz and Thump Trump – Pixabits also tried to release Beltway Boxing: Boxin’ Bernie, but Apple rejected that version (go figure!). 

For more information, visit: www.Pixabits.co

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