‘The Seekers’ a Children’s Picture Book Seeking Generous Support on Indiegogo

A Remarkable Multicultural Picture Book that Will Let Kids Explore the Caribbean like Never Before!

The Seekers Picture Book is an illustrated masterpiece written by Cece Younger, a mother, artist and an academic. The book is illustrated by Arthur Ella, an inspired professional cartoon artist from Cameroon. The author has launched a Indiegogo campaign to fund the edit and design process of this multicultural Children’s Picture Book which not only promotes reading, self-esteem and confidence but also introduces social thinking and cultural values in the children.

This picture book depicts the first chapter of “The Seekers: The Secrets of The Turtles, which is a mystical tale of a Caribbean princess who sets off on a journey with her best friend and a prince of Barbados and along the way she learns she has an extraordinary future unlike any she imagined for herself.” Said Cece Younger, the Author of this book while introducing the book on Indiegogo. The book has a diverse cast of characters that princess encounters across her journey to help children learn about several different places in the Caribbean.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at:

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-seekers-picture-book-adventure  and it offers pledge levels from $20 to $100, with rewards ranging from the book itself to the donation of five books for the deserving children.

The goal of this inspiring project for the children is to raise $8,500 within a month and the generous support from public is very welcome to get this amazing book published for the children.

About The Author:  

Cece Younger is a mother, an artist and a renowned academic and this book is a result of a conversation she had with her 3 year old daughter. A simple question asked by a three-year old melted the heart of Cece and she vowed to do something for children that can reflect diversity and love. 

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