The Best Patented Solution to Menstrual Cramps Has Arrived

Yoogen will eliminate the cramps pain within five minutes: The ultimate solution to the most painful problem women face

April 26, 2017 – Yoogen has announced the first pain-relief wrap for women that will eliminate menstrual cramps in just five minutes. Menstrual cramps cause extreme pain for women and particularly working women get really uncomfortable because of this age old issue. There are several tablets available in the market for this problem as well, but they do have their long-term side effects. Therefore, to solve this prevailing problem, Yoogen has presented a simple and effective solution that has no side-effects at all.

“There is a spot on the female body called ‘The Cramp Spot’ or the ‘C-Spot’, and this spot was discovered by our founder, the inventor of Yoogen, a 20-year acupuncturist, who specialized in women’s health problems,” said the spokesperson of Yoogen while introducing about the solution. “When pressure is applied during a woman’s period, there is menstrual cramp relief that has been tested and has been proven effective within five minutes of its application,” she added. The word ‘Yoogen’ is derived from ‘you again’ and this is exactly what a woman will feel like after using Yoogen. She will feel like herself again, fresh, healthy and beautiful.

Working of Yoogen is based on the principles of acupuncture, one of the most effective pain relief technique practiced worldwide. The belt places the right amount of pressure on the ‘C-Spot’ and works with the energetic systems of a woman’s body to relieve the pain she experiences during the process of menstruation. This new, non-invasive device will stop painful menstrual cramps in less than 5 minutes just by applying the right pressure on a specific area on the leg between the ankle and knee.

The best feature of Yoogen is that it is completely reusable and has no-side effects at all. Menstrual cramps can be very challenging, particularly for sportswomen, moms and working women as sometimes, these cramps can make a woman immovable. However, instead of pills, electric gadgets and other remedies, this completely natural and harmless solution will help them within five minutes and will end making them take days off from work due to pain.

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