PicVidShare Facebook Camera APP has been used in 1,196 cities and 163 countries

Share Your Picture With Text and Links in Real Time With Your Facebook Friends

April 26, 2017 – The fun of sharing pictures with other people is certainly something that anyone can get behind. Read more about it and get the PicVidShare APP on Google Play https://goo.gl/a8Ya01  It is even more fun when you can put text on the pictures, include a link to your favorite website on the picture and then post on your Facebook Page. When you post it the picture is saved so you can then share it on Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and even text the Pic with the text on it to your friends. Everything is saved in a template so you don’t have to type it again. You can edit everything for your next picture share. By lightly touching the text you can edit the message, change the color, size and move it just using your finger. By using the template you don’t miss important moments while sharing them.

This app has been used by people in 1,196 cities located in 163 countries. Only eight more countries and it will have been used in every country Google Analytics reports on. It has become popular in the United States and many parts of the Middle East as well as South America, Europe, India, Brazil, and Africa.

This program is designed as an efficient solution that can work with your camera on your mobile device. You can take pictures with this and then add captions, links and much more onto your images. You can then quickly share that information with other people using your messenger APP. This is a simple and easy to use setup that is not too hard to utilize.

The design of the app makes it rather easy for people to handle in a variety of forms. It is not too complicated and is simple for typical users to handle. Best of all, it is suitable for a variety of Android devices. The intuitive design of the app also ensures that you will have a very easy time with getting this to work in any case. This makes for a powerful picture social media utility  that is ideal and appealing for a number of photography demands..

The APP was conceived by  Gerry Grant, the founder, and CEO of PicVidShare when he was in charge of social Media Marketing at a Yoga Music festival. He has been in the industry for more than twenty years and also is founder of Search-Optimization.com, a prominent Internet Marketing – SEO company established in 1994. His efforts in online development have led to the creation of this app as an event marketing tool. After creating it he realized what a time saver the Camera APP was and how much fun to use.

In the introduction video Click the small in the circle for more information.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/2kWTEppZSNY

This has been created by PicVidShare and has no connection with Facebook except to make it much more fun.

This is the future of Mobile and PicVidShare is creating it. Investor information on Angel.co/PicVidShar

Click Here www.picvidshare.com/app for more information and a video on how the Camera APP works.

Investor information on Angel.co/PicVidShare

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