Techspirit Australia Introduces Simple, Safe and Easy Safety Razor For Nose – cleanOZe

Motivated by their vision to develop innovative, effective yet simple grooming products, Techspirit Australia has been working tirelessly on designing a simple, safe and easy to use safety razor for grooming nose hair without the need for power or batteries. The cleanOZe is a unisex safety nasal hair razor is a cut above all the alternative due to its simple design. To progress to the final stage of products and distribution, Techspirit Australia requires the assistance from the online crowd. a crowdfunding campaign has been launched on Kickstarter with a funding goal of at least AU$ 30,000 by Tue, June 13, 2017.

The cleanOZ is the World’s first nasal safety razor that features an ergonomic, rubberised grip handle that has been designed to fit seamlessly in the hand. The sleek and perfectly shaped end of the nasal razor is suitable for the nose, the razor is equipped with double blades that allow for a clean shave, in any direction, to added safety the blades have a  safety mesh on the blades that prevent cuts. When wet, the moisturizing strip will reduce any irritation from shaving the nasal hairs. “At Techspirit Australia we have found other methods of nasal grooming to be lacking and have come up with a simple, safe and easy method to get rid of those unsightly nose hairs.  We have been working for over a year to design and test a nasal grooming device that clean shaves nasal hair at a fraction of the cost of more conventional methods (such as electric nose shaver).” – Techspirit Australia spokesperson.

The designing, engineering, the development of the prototype and its testing has all been completed and done by the Techspirit team. The funds raised from the ongoing crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to various aspects necessary for the completion of the product for customer use. A majority of the funding will be assigned to the tooling of the device; manufacturing and labor costs. The company is also offering a variety of different perks to their contributors.

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“The final design of cleanOZe is almost finished! We have engaged manufacturers to produce the molded components, and need your help to make the product a reality. Your pledge will go directly into tooling and assembly costs.”

About us:

Established by Vish and Mandy in the year 2004, Techspirit Australia has a vision of providing innovative and simple grooming products that are unique in function and easy to use while providing the best results.

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