Integrative Medicine Dominates Public Discourse On Health & Wellbeing

USA – Although the practices espoused by the Eastern medicine doctrine have been widely used and unanimously accepted for thousands of years across Asia, it was only recently that the public’s interest was piqued by their proven efficacy to helping alleviate and/or solve a plethora of health issues. A common misconception, which has largely been erased by the now, was that Eastern medicine practitioners worked without taking into account any sort of therapy or treatment guidelines provided by their Western medicine counterparts.

Owing to the large number of patients who have embraced alternative medicine principles, and witnessed, through personal experiences, the all-encompassing approach with which Eastern medicine providers treat patients’ individual cases, the popularity of integrated medicine clinics has skyrocketed.

Affordable, welcoming and patient-centric, integrated medicine clinics combine traditional and Western medicine practices to ensure the best possible outcome for each case – “treating the root of the problem, rather than merely concealing its symptoms”.

Aim Wellness Clinic’s media representative expanded on the numerous health issues with which patients have had success dealing with through following integrated medicine regimens, saying that “Both men and women are open to explore all the available options to find relief and seek the resolution of pestering health issues. They understand the importance of restoring inner balance, as any disturbance is, essentially, a deviation from each person’s homeostasis – which is, in essence, their body’s inner ability to flawlessly coordinate all its systems, so that they can function in top shape.” Characterizing the relationship between traditional and conventional-Western medicine, Aim Wellness Clinic’s media representative said “The collaboration between practitioners of both doctrines is nothing sort of flawless. Patient health is non-negotiable, and both sides acknowledge that it is only through collaboration – and through coming up with an integrative treatment plan – that the desirable outcome can be achieved.”

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