2017 Photography Trends Denote Emergence Of Lifestyle Theme

USA – Polled about the main purposes for which they are using recording media, i.e. video and photographs, millennials unanimously listed “social media” as their top choice, while Gen. X-ers, and even many baby boomers, appear to follow their lead. Nowadays, sharing even the minutest of details of one’s life is not only feasible, but can also be done in the most emphatic way possible, through photography and videography.

Perhaps it is due to the multi-layered, permeating effect of social media that lifestyle photography has dominated the industry for the past few years, while it appears that its popularity will not wear out in the near future, as a growing amount of social media platforms make their appearance on a daily basis.

Chris Landry Photo & Video Production’s media representative confirmed the impact of social media on professional photography trends, saying that “People now want to document far more than just important life milestones, such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and newborn photo shoots.  Recently, there has been a wave of clients looking to create themed shoots, inspired by social media posts they have come across on popular photo sharing platforms, such as Pinterest.”

He continued, “A professional photographer has to tap into her creativity to create the perfect setting. More than that, a photographer also has to come up with how to use her craft in the best way possible, so as to create an aesthetically pleasing result, which would satisfy the clients’ demands, as well as the photographer as an artist. Trying to recreate someone else’s work is a hallmark of amateurism. A streak of originality is necessary to not only stand out as a professional, but also to gain the trust of clients, who are deserving of a beautiful and unique artistic product.”

Asked to provide advice for those looking to recruit professional photography and/or video services,  Chris Landry Photo & Video Production’s media representative said “Ask for referrals – but always make sure to check out a photographer’s portfolio. Any true professional must showcase her work somewhere on the web, preferably on her very own website. And, most importantly, do not settle – neither on service, nor on artistic quality.”

For more information about this industry, you can visit Chris Landry Photo & Video Production at landryphoto.com, who is an expert in the field.

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