A Printing Services Sydney Company Explains The Benefits Of Using Brochures For Special Events

Absolute Colour Printing in Sydney explains why printed brochures are a perfect marketing tool for small business owners

A leading printing services Sydney company who provide a complete printing service for any needs has today launched a campaign to make small business owners aware of how important brochures are for special events. Absolute Colour Printing Services, a company based in Sydney but serves the whole of Australia has found that small businesses are unaware of how printed brochures can help promote their special events.


The printing services Sydney printing company who has gained huge exposure for being one of the most affordable printing services in Australia has listed four reasons why people should use printed brochures rather than more expensive marketing methods.

1. Reach the targeted audience

Brochures (www.absolutecolour.com.au/brochures-flyers/) provide the perfect opportunity to reach a direct audience where they can be used as a door to door mail drop, street distribution, instore distribution, or to put into newspapers. They can also be used at special events to hand out to potential customers to gain more leads, sales, and exposure.

2. Get creative:

Radio advertising and online advertising lets businesses get creative with their marketing message. By employing a professional team, brochures allow a business to be creative and send a message out that really does stand out. Brochures which can be A4 or A5 as well as being two-sided can provide a person with all the room they need to get their message out about their event. Absolute Colour Printing has a reputation for being one of the most creative designers in Sydney.

3. Incentives:

One of the best things about a printed brochure is the ability to attach an incentive, which could include a discount voucher or coupon code. That is a great way to attract attention and encourage people to make a purchase.

4. Printed Brochures are the most affordable way to market a special event

Radio and television advertising is very expensive, while printed brochures are very affordable. By using printed brochures, a small business can target the right audience for a lot less than other marketing methods. This promotional item also allow a small business to share the cost with another business by using a page within the brochure.

Brochures have always been one of the most affordable ways to promote a special event, and now through the great prices that Absolute Colour Printing in Sydney offer, brochures have now become even more affordable.

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