The 90 Day Book Announces the Release of Best Selling Book on Body Image

DETROIT, MI – 26 Apr, 2017 – According to a recent survey, nearly 91% of women in the U.S. are unhappy with their bodies. To combat this, Jenny Eden Berk wrote a book for women and men to improve their body image.

Berk’s book The Body Image Blueprint: Your Go-To Guide for Radical Self-Reverence, became a #1 Best Selling author on April 21, 2017 after her completion of The 90 Day Book program. This book helps people start the journey to love and acceptance of themselves. 

As a body image expert and author of The Body Image Blueprint Jenny Eden Berk dedicates her time to helping people demystify food choices, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and learn to love and accept their bodies.

This book is part memoir, part sociological study, and part traditional self-help. In it, Berk interviews over 60 men and women ranging in age from 22-70 about the vast rawness and commonalities found among all people with respect to relationships with their bodies and their body image.

Berk’s book is important because it contains much-needed information that covers strategies and techniques that are unconventional yet effective, actionable, and sustainable to support healing one’s relationship with food and one’s body.  

Messages people receive in the media and society about what bodies should look like and what people should go through to achieve that are challenged in this book. This book teaches that instead people should know love, acceptance, and worthiness.

The success of Berk comes at the completion of The 90 Day Book program led by Kathy Wheeler. The 90 Day Book program helps coaches and entrepreneurs spread their message and build their business.

Kathy Wheeler is the creator of The 90 Day Book program as well as a book coach, author, and speaker. She has published six books and is a #1 Best Selling author. Her program and coaching help coaches and entrepreneurs bring their nonfiction books to life with an easy step-by-step process. Multiple best-selling authors have emerged from the course.

Wheeler commented, “Books about topics such as body image are a way to spread a valuable message. Jenny Berk’s book and the lesson it teaches are one example of such a topic. It is amazing to see this book, as well as other students’ books, hit best-selling status.”

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