RideBidz Freight App in Beta Testing

CALABASAS, CA – 26 Apr, 2017 – RideBidz Inc. has officially begun beta testing of the RideBidz suite of freight applications ahead of schedule.  The RideBidz Freight App is positioned to be the first comprehensive freight solution for both shippers and carriers, and begins a new era in technology for the freight industry. Chief Technology Officer, Brian Shin, supported by an international team of developers has successfully completed the application which will be available for a June 1st, 2017 release to the Google Play and Apple App stores and accessible via the web, iOS and Android platforms.

“Freight is a multi-billion dollar industry. We realize that there is a tremendous opportunity to change the game through automation.  RideBidz has been able to enter a competitive market and develop a product that exceeds the capabilities of anything currently in the market for less than one third of what it has cost of our competitors. This is a very exciting time for the industry, RideBidz current and future investors.  Our team has more products in queue for Q3 and Q4 that will continue to revolutionize the industry,” said Robert Sarzo, RideBidz Chief Executive Officer. 

“Our development team is mindful of the complexities associated with building an application for the freight industry.  Our team conducted industry research as well as evaluated why others failed to create a comprehensive solution for the freight industry.  RideBidz utilizes human centered design (HCD) throughout the design and development process to assure the needs of all users are met.  We are extremely confident that we have created the most effective freight solution in the marketplace,” said Brian Shin, RideBidz Chief Technology Officer.

About RideBidz

Established in 2015, RideBidz Inc, a California based corporation is a technology company that specializes in the development of disruptive technologies.  Our proprietary software solutions cater to corporate and retail consumers, transportation companies, and commercial freight delivery companies RideBidz Inc. raised $5 million dollars in funding via a Series A raise within the first 12 months and will be announcing a second SEC filing May 2017 for the distribution of an additional $10 million shares of Preferred B and $50 million in Common Stock that will be offered through 2018.

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