Ashki Inc. Officially Launches Exclusive Limited Time Sales & Marketing Program for Healthcare Professionals, Doctors, and Medical Businesses

Livingston, CA – It takes several years of studies, time consuming research and countless hours of hands-on experience to become a fully qualified doctor, or a professional health expert to say the least. However, all these efforts are blown away by the said professionals’ lack of experience at marketing their skills. It is not entirely their fault because on an average scale, most of the doctors in the U.S. are already overwhelmed by a demanding work schedule, which leaves little or no room for them to focus on the marketing forefront.

As a result, they fail to expand their business as rapidly as once expected at the start of their career. To help such professionals in need, Wikki Verma: I.T. specialist and business marketing expert, has extended his services to help professional doctors, aspiring physicians, and anyone in particular from the healthcare profession into establishing their own unique identity.

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In association with Ashki Inc., an exclusive online marketing platform dedicated to serve medical businesses and aspiring doctors, Verma and his team are offering invitations to a limited time results oriented coaching program that is built to inspire action. Unlike other self-proclaimed marketing skills “workshops”, Wikki Verma’s program is guaranteed to dramatically improve results in the long run.

Some of the key highlights of this program are appended below:

• Learn and apply marketing techniques that go way beyond the scope and influence of a brick and mortar clinic, or a hospital for that matter.

• A working referral system that will yield more clients on frequent basis as days go by.

• How to influence potential prospects online by creating a viral effect.

• The art of staying in contact with clients through newsletter campaigns, seminars, and emails that are bound to get noticed & read.

Above all, Wikki Verma teaches doctors on how to fall in love with their business all over again. From a statistical point of view, medical business is not only the most important line of work, but it has a high reward percentage for those who know how to do things correctly. Verma is adamant on ensuring that his training techniques works, so much so that there is a 100% money back guarantee in case the program does not help participants into growing a steady business for themselves.

Every doctor has a story to share. The company takes into account all the accolades, recent achievements and a professional’s personal intake on how to best advise patients on anything in particular, and then projects these findings on dedicated social media channels. Through expert digital and social media marketing campaigns managed at Dental Media, doctors and medical businesses are finally able to see a high targeted conversion rate, with an abundance of walk-in clients coming in from both local and neighboring vicinities via scheduled appointments.

In today’s day and age, healthcare profession is not all about being limited to the confines of a building. Anyone who is looking to succeed, eventually, needs to adapt modern day marketing techniques, internet social media connectivity methods, long distance influence strategy and so much more. All these techniques, and many more are taught by Wikki Verma via one-on-one detailed correspondence to only those who are not reluctant to pursue their dreams.

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About Wikki Verma:

Wikki Verma is a U.S. based marketing and I.T consultant with a successful record for rendering services for various government organizations, such as, but not limited to NASA, the NSA, National Institutes of Health etc. Through his recent program, Verma aims to invest in doctors and startup medical business owners to help them transition into becoming a successful individual with a powerful profit center at their hands.

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