Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Releases 2017 Cloud ERP Software Buyer’s Guide for Wholesalers and Distributors

“2017 Cloud ERP Software Buyer’s Guide for Wholesalers and Distributors”
Cloud computing represents the most important and wide-reaching trend in enterprise software today. TEC’s newly released buyer’s guide provides wholesalers and distributors with the vital information they need to understand cloud ERP technology, options, benefits, approaches, and best practices.

Montreal, Canada – April 27, 2017 – Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is pleased to announce the publication of its latest enterprise software buyer’s guide, the 2017 Cloud ERP Buyer’s Guide for Wholesalers and Distributors. Written by TEC senior ERP analyst Ted Rohm, this guide looks at cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions from the wholesaler and distributor’s point of view. It is designed to give the reader an all-around understanding of the structure of cloud ERP and the opportunities for improved business performance it offers.

Wholesalers and distributors operate in a highly competitive global marketplace that is undergoing rapid change. Powerful and disruptive technologies such as mobile, analytics, big data, and social media are fundamentally rewriting the rules of the game. But it is cloud ERP that is having the biggest impact on how wholesalers and distributors are approaching their IT infrastructures.   

This guide begins with an examination of cloud ERP benefits and then looks at three key factors that are making cloud ERP platforms stronger. It also explains the differences between public, private, and hybrid clouds, and describes the nature and advantages of software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS).

Also covered are other technology forces that are having an impact on the enterprise software and distribution industries, as well as helpful information on purchasing considerations.

Rounding out the guide are cloud ERP product comparison charts, success stories, and a comprehensive cloud ERP vendor directory.

Says Rohm, “The time has come for wholesalers and distributors to seriously consider migrating their ERP functionality to the cloud. This guide gives them the information they need to make that decision from a fully informed viewpoint.” 

Read TEC’s 2017 Cloud ERP Buyer’s Guide for Wholesalers and Distributors now for free.

TEC’s Buyer’s Guides are a highly popular series of analyst-written, impartial research papers that help decision makers understand enterprise software solutions and offer guidance on how to select the right software solutions for their organizations’ needs.

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