ANTIGUA, WEST INDIES – 27 Apr, 2017 – Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) announced the recent winners of the “Going Green To Save The Blue” Campaign with the purpose of educating the yachting community about plastic water bottle pollution in time for the start of the busy charter yacht season.

The campaign targets the charter yacht industry’s yacht owner, crews and the general public in an effort to raise awareness of the amount of plastic water bottles consumed on charter yachts and hence polluting our landfills and oceans.  CYBA has spearheaded this effort in conjunction with promoting numerous eco friendly practices for the past five years.  The “Designer Water” contest held annually to feature “yacht made” water and to reduce the use of plastics on board yachts represents CYBA’s ongoing efforts to minimize the environmental impact on our oceans.

Over a dozen yachts ranging from 60 foot catamarans to a classic 265 foot super yacht, showcased their “Designer Waters”.  The winners announced:

     REE – 111’ sailing yacht for Hibiscus Martini Water

     NERO – 265’ mega yacht for Coriander and Passionfruit Water

     ROSEHEARTY – 183’ sailing for Moranga infused Detoxifying Water

The effort to reduce water bottles includes education beyond yacht owners and crews as broker members of the CYBA organization offer their clients an opportunity to choose the refreshing yacht water over plastic bottles.  The yacht crews have embraced the effort by making the switch to filtered boat water cutting plastic waste in half.  One mega yacht owner saw savings of $9,000 annually with just crew making the switch.

CYBA President, Trish Cronan, spearheaded the initiative and stated, “Trash is not a glamorous subject it is downright toxic when you think of millions of plastic water bottles that super yachts and charter yachts send to landfills each year.”

CYBA members have applauded and encouraged all yachting practices that embrace the “Going Green to Save the Blue” campaign including green cleaning products, reef friendly sunscreens and solar panel energy sources.


The Mission of CYBA (Charter Yacht Brokers Association, International, Inc.) is to promote and maintain a high Degree of Professionalism within the Yacht Charter Industry. We are committed to a strict Code of Ethics; furthering fiduciary responsibility, sponsoring educational programs that increase industry knowledge & awareness and acting as a liaison between our Members and industry related groups.

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