Airwheel E3 Backpack electric Bike Wants To Give People A Portable Business Trip

Businessmen who spend most of their time on the way always have some troubles in arriving at their destinations. Is there any way to solve this problem? Airwheel E3 intelligent e bike will bring those people more relax and portable business trip experience.

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People who go businesses in other cities have the same feeling that it is also difficult to hail a taxi in rush hours and taking buses or underground seems not so smart since they are not familiar with the routes. But after having the appearance of intelligent electric vehicles, it won’t be a problem. The recently released E3 intelligent e bike in Airwheel will help you not leave pity for your business trip.

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E3 intelligent e bike

As an e bike, E3 only weights 12.5kg and sizes 474mm×399mm×374mm after being folded. The folding feature is the key for making E3 best electric bicycle to be the most suitable equipment in business trips. Shown like a double “O”, E3 hides too much folding techniques. The handrails, operating rod, pedals or saddles are all collapsible and particularly the two wheels of it can also be dropped down into the double “O” so as to finish the folding of the main body. Besides, the backpack equipped specially for Airwheel E3 has rollers and pull rod so it can be dragged like a suitcase. When you are in business, E3 can accompany you at hand no matter it is being taken into planes, trains or other equipment.

smart e bike

Another thing that makes businessmen headache should be the power-off of smart phones. If the phone runs out of power, businessmen may miss some important calls so that lose the chance. E3 smart e bike’s battery pack is expanded with high-efficient USB interface which can provide power for the smart phones, tablets or cameras etc. Moreover, it is also convenient to charge battery.

The above mentioned functions can get you out of troubles but it also needs fantastic riding experience to be a qualified intelligent e bike. Airwheel E3 electric folding bike does not ignore this. The adjustable seat height and operating rod height, LED lights in the middle of operating rod and the separated left-right saddles design make it very comfortable in real ride.

If you are a businessman, you can try to use Airwheel E3.

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