Bizarre Political Reality turns into Humorous Crowdfunded Card Game

“Snowflakes & Whackjobs” Card Game pre-launched today on Kickstarter, caricaturing an already bizarre political reality that’s now turned into a game that people can have fun with


The bizarre political reality of our days, where politicians make the most remarkably disconcerting comments and claims at a rhythm that is hard to keep up with, is the subject of a unique card game that is being pre-launched today on Kickstarter.

Created by Jordon P. Lologo, “Snowflakes & Whackjobs” turns the usual game of outlandish political statements that both Republicans and Democrats constantly make into something that people can enjoy together and have fun with.

“At a time where our nation is more politically divided than ever, and where people are having a hard time to even talk to each other about their beliefs, expectations and frustrations regarding what their elected officials should be doing, having a healthy laugh about all this may very well be the best way to address it, and to heal divisions that may otherwise be irreconcilable,” stated Mr. Lologo, the project creator.

“Snowflakes & Whackjobs” is a neutral game that points out exotic claims made by both liberal and conservative politicians. The card game’s very title plays with the name-calling reality that both political sides engage in against each other. “The card game is filled with all these ridiculously funny quotes that high-profile Democratic and Republican politicians have become known for, and the game’s goal is for players to guess whether each quote belongs to a Snowflake aka Democrat, or a Whack Job aka Republican,” the crowdfunder detailed.

“More than being challenging, the game is based on political quotes that are easy and some that are not so easy to recognize. The point really is to provide the right context and opportunity for people from all sides to have fun together, relax, laugh about it and get a healthy dose of perspective about just how much this crazy political reality shouldn’t be taken that seriously,” Jordon commented.

Along with the funny quotes, the wildcards of “Snowflakes & Whackjobs” have caricature-style illustrations of political figures and the scandals that they’ve gotten involved with. The “Private Server Wildcard” with Hilary Clinton panicking behind a computer screen, as well as the “Donald Trump Wildcard” with Trump building a wall while laughing, are humorous and sarcastic representations designed to help even the most passionate political activist have a laugh.

While the card game’s content is safe for all ages, there is an expanded edition for those who have a darker sense of humor. The NSFW Celebrity Edition Expansion Pack will feature more controversial wildcards, such as “The Pussy Grab Wildcard”, displaying a pair of orange hands grabbing a clearly disturbed cat. “This special Edition will only be available on Kickstarter, so backers have a unique chance of owning it exclusively through our crowdfunding campaign. It will not be available for retail,” Mr. Lologo announced.

Political divisiveness in the US has reached a peak. With both sides of the political aisle engaging in outright conflict in America’s streets, and with politicians feeding those strong emotions, the “Snowflakes & Whackjobs” project hopes to “bring people together through laughter, since, after all, we all have more in common than we’re lately realizing”, Jordon stated.

The crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise $50,000 and is being launched in May on Kickstarter.

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