Raleigh Botox And Laser Center Provides Non-Surgical Rejuvenation Options

Raleigh, NC – With Today’s advancements in technology, it has become possible for individuals to change almost anything about their appearance. While surgery is still an option for changing the appearance of the face and body, there are a number of clinics that also offer non-surgical options for reaching a more youthful appearance. Raleigh Botox & Laser Center is a professional clinic for rejuvenating treatments such as PRP therapy, Botox, and Laser Hair Removal.

“Everyone wants to feel beautiful and young, although many have financial or personal reasons for not seeking a surgical consultation,” explains one representative of the Raleigh clinic. “We provide non-surgical options to help you achieve and retain a more youthful appearance, without having to spend a fortune or spend time under the knife. This also means that there is virtually no recovery time associated with our procedures. Headed by Dr. Vincent Nacouzi, who has experience in chemistry, molecular biology, and physiology, Raleigh Botox & Laser is a leading source for such popular treatments as laser hair removal and Botox.”

Raleigh Botox & Laser Center offers a variety of services, including platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), fillers, bio-identical hormone therapy, and more. In addition to helping their patients retain a youthful glow, the clinic also removes or regrows hair, renews damaged tissues, reduces wrinkles, and helps assist with several common skin problems. The clinic also offers take home products handpicked by Dr. Nacouzi, which help with a variety of skin problems and revitalize skin.

Raleigh Botox and Laser Center (http://www.raleighbotoxandlaser.com/) has a Care Credit program that acts as a credit card for cosmetic and dermatologic surgeries. It helps in covering the cost of Botox, PRP Hair Restoration, The Vampire Facelift, Laser Hair Removal, and other top services provided by the clinic. Raleigh Botox & Laser Center is able to help their patients fight the signs of aging and troublesome skin, balance sleep, reduce stress, and lose weight, all without the need for surgery.

In an effort to make their services even more affordable to a wider range of clients, Raleigh Botox & Laser continues to offer a number of specials for new and returning clients, including bundle packages and free consultations based on the needs of the client. The clinic is conveniently located inside of the Douglas Carroll Salon in Raleigh, which gives patrons the ability to create a full beauty day without the need to travel to various locations throughout the city.

Raleigh Botox & Laser Center is located at 6325 Falls of Neuse Rd #27 in Raleigh, North Carolina (27615).

The company can be reached by phone at 919-332-7568, or from their website: http://www.raleighbotoxandlaser.com/

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