Film and TV Production Company Total Momentum Productions, LLC, Creates Opportunities In Atlanta’s Entertainment Industry; Ceasar Richbow and Michael Robinson Prepare to Roll Out Family Friendly Films

ATLANTA, GA – 27 Apr, 2017 – Atlanta-based full-service motion picture and television production company, Total Momentum Productions, LLC (Total Momentum), prepare to launch family-friendly films and continue to create opportunities and contribute to Atlanta’s growing entertainment industry.

Created by attorney and CPA, Ceasar Richbow and seasoned business executive, Michael Robinson, Total Momentum has an impressive infrastructure housing a top-caliber crew and equipment offering services to include the development, financing, and production of a variety of quality independent film and television projects.

According to the Motion Picture Association of America, the Georgia film industry currently ranks third in the nation behind California and New York, with nearly 3,000 motion-picture and television industry businesses, including 1,957 production-related companies.

“We launched Total Momentum in Atlanta for several reasons,” states Richbow. “Georgia is my home, it has an extensive talent pool of actors and casting companies for principals and extras, and the growing number of filmmakers and film-ready workforce makes it beneficial to our company and the community.”

Because Georgia is a film-friendly and camera ready state, the opportunities are endless for Total Momentum—the company is currently in pre and post-production for several films that will begin rolling out in 2017 with the Tammy’Dele film Ernie & Cerbie, a heartfelt adventure about a young boy and his dog at an orphanage who are actually the reincarnations of Cupid and his protective dog Cerbie. Together they help bring adoptive parents into the orphanage and unite them with children who are in need of loving families.

“We have worked diligently to solidify strategic relationships in the Atlanta film community. We have a business model for film production that will provide positive returns for our investors while continuing to help the industry thrive. Providing jobs that bring projects to life is exciting,” adds Robinson.

With their eye on family-friendly films that make a difference in people’s lives and the forecast for continued growth ahead, Total Momentum will continue to align themselves with fruitful partnerships to create opportunities for the Georgia community while staying true to their intent and vision.

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About Total Momentum LLC

Total Momentum Productions, LLC (Total Momentum) is an Atlanta-based full-service motion picture and television production company specializing in the development, financing, and production of a variety of independent film and television projects.  They take ideas and make them happen.  Their services allow them to produce films in order to properly fulfill their client’s film production needs, by helping individuals and businesses.

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