Estimate Costs and Expenses with DIY Roofs New Free Roofing Calculator

Florence, KY – For those who are finally planning on fixing those holes and leaks in the roof, but  feel that they lack the materials and skills to fix it oneself, or just simply want to renovate the roof, before they fix anything, they need to calculate the project’s estimated cost. With DIY Roofs’ new free roofing calculator, estimating the length, width, and height of a roof has never been this easy!

“DIY Roofs is a professional roofing company that provides everything you will need to fix your roof. We offer services that help you manage the project, find a reliable labor crew, and provide for the necessary documents and contracts needed to finish the job,” says company representative,  Chris Toepfert. “Finding a professional roofing crew can be complicated at times, especially if you’re just an average Joe looking to fix your roof. With DIY Roofs, you can hire the same team that professional roofing companies have that costs less.”

DIY Roofs have created a list of roofing subcontractors for customers to choose from. They’ll bring in the necessary contracts to help hire a crew so that the customer can manage the project the way that they want it to be.

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An owner wants to know the cost of replacing the roof, but making an accurate estimation of the expenses to be incurred is hard to calculate. Checking the budget before diving into the project is a very smart move. Knowing where to break even between the price and the quality of the materials to be used is the borderline in making a half baked roof or a high quality roof. With the help of the free roofing calculator, one can manage the cost of the project at the palm of one’s hands. The variables that one can input on the calculator is the Roof Sq. Ft., the number of stories the house or building has, the kind of roof slope, and the kind of roofing material to be used.

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Manage the roofing project own one’s own with the help of roofing professionals at DIY Roofs.

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