Secret Menus Offers a Collection of Menu Hacks & Tricks from All Major Food Chains Worldwide

From now on, every savvy customer can find secret menus for McDonald’s, Starbucks, and any other major food chain. Secret Menus offers a guide to all the menu hacks that make going out for a snack a thrilling experience.

The culture of secret menus in fast food restaurants was introduced fairly recently. It came to life due to the intense competition in the industry. As these restaurants have rather straightforward and hardly original menus, they sometimes offer unique specials to attract more customers. However, those aren’t widely advertised, so a potential customer faces a quest of finding a restaurant with most interesting secret items on their menu. Secret Menus is a service that makes this search much easier.

This portal was created to provide people from all over with an opportunity to enjoy flavors hidden in the so-called ‘secret menus’. In essence, it’s a huge database of menu hacks. Their collection is extensive and includes such major chains as (Starbucks) and (McDonald’s). As this practice makes the appearance of original menu selections quite random. One has to keep up with the updates in order to catch the best offers in their area.

Are Secret menus Really New?

Although the marketing campaign around them makes it seem that these special ‘menus that aren’t on the menu’ have only just appeared, the truth is that they’ve been around for a very long time. They used to have a different name, usually ‘off menu’, or they could have no name at all. Every savvy food establishment that wanted to keep loyal customers has always been willing to make special foods or alterations to their traditional recipes on request. Of course, those dishes must fit within certain reasonable parameters and fit with the general menu of the company.

The now widespread culture of secret menus has simply taken this practice to a new level. For example, when one looks at the to see what special items the In-N-Out Burger offers to their most dedicated customers, it becomes obvious that all these items are still keeping with the tradition of the chain. However, they are original and versatile enough to serve the tastes of specific customer groups. This special menu makes the whole ‘on-demand’ practice more organized and boosts the customers’ interest with limited offers.


Secret Menus is a portal where one can find not only a guide to off-menu items from major fast food chains but also special tips about nutrition and dining.

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